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Marks and Spencer is one of the biggest employers in the UK. Marks and Spencer plc has over 1037 stores in the UK. It has become somewhat of an iconic company with its reputation for being ‘sensible’ and ‘good quality’ and sometimes gets affectionately referred to as ‘M & S’, ‘Marks and Sparks’ or, incorrectly, as ‘Marks and Spencers’. has reviewed what Marks and Spencer have to offer by way of employment and here are the principal Marks and Spencer jobs:

Marks and Spencer Section Manager Roles

As a section manager with Marks and Spencer, your job is to take charge. This might mean being the boss of a specific area in the store or a Duty Manager for an entire ‘Simply Food’ store –all depending upon your job assignment.

You will probably manage a team of between 5 and 25 staff and you will have overall responsibility for coaching, mentoring, motivating, and inspiring them. You will take charge of all aspects of their training and make them believe in what they are selling and the importance of excellence in service to your section’s customers.

Before you get that far, you will have to complete a special Marks and Spencer Training Programme as part of which you will undertake a whole series of mini-courses and assignments designed both to teach you and to assess you on your understanding of every aspect of your job as a Section Manager. The Training Programme isn’t intensive – it’s spread out over about 6 months and you get to pair up with someone more experienced who can show you the ropes.

The possible specific locations for a Marks and Spencer Section Manager to take charge of are as follows:

Marks and Spencer have a reputation for supporting their new recruits through the training stage so don’t worry.

You won’t be required to wear a uniform but you will be expected to dress in Marks and Spencer’s clothes which you will be able to buy at a discount.


Café Revive

There are 160 Café Revive coffee shops in Marks and Spencer stores which makes it the third-largest coffee chain in the UK. If you are in catering and like being busy, this could be for you.

In your job as a Café Revive Section Manager, your responsibilities are to:

  • Coach and train your team of baristas in all aspects of service and drink preparation
  • Ensure that every part of the café is kept spotless at all times
  • Maintain the highest hygiene standards and attend all statutory inspections
  • Implement measures to boost revenue and reduce operating costs
  • Provide customer service facility – e.g. answer questions, deal with complaints, comments and suggestions

Marks and Spencer are looking for someone who:

  • Can ‘stay calm under pressure
  • Likes being busy
  • Possesses above-average managerial and organisational skills
  • Has two years or more of management experience, preferably in hospitality
  • Demonstrates commercial awareness


Sell the famous St Michael label clothes in the Menswear, Womenswear or the Childrenswear sections. Help customers choose their garments and take special custom-made orders from them.


Marks and Spencer food has a reputation for being high quality and they only sell their own label products. Make sure that food is properly stored and on-hand to answer customers’ dietary questions.


Selling everything from large furniture to curtains and bedding you will have literally thousands of high-quality British-made products to learn about. Use that knowledge and help customers to make important decisions and take their orders for goods that are not ex-stock.

Visual Merchandising

Creativity and attention to detail help the visual merchandising team introduce visually stimulating store-wide displays that are both exciting and in keeping with the Marks and Spencer brand.


Why not become one of the behind the scenes heroes who keep the store running? Every product the store sells will pass through you and your colleagues’ hands and, without your care, attention and quick thinking things would rapidly grind to a halt.

Selling Management

Commercial Manager – Manage a section of a busy store and motivate your staff to perform to the highest standard.

Store Manager – Take charge of and successfully run a multi-million-pound business

Regional Manager – Running up to 60 stores and overseeing up to 5,000 employees will be your challenge.

Head Office Jobs

Buyer – Be responsible for selecting and purchasing all of the product lines that are stocked by the Marks and Spencer stores.

Merchandising – Ensure that the supply chain from manufacturer to store is unbroken and that goods are delivered on time and to specification.

Finance – Keep full financial records and produce detailed analyses so that the Marks and Spencer’s board of directors can make informed decisions.

IT – Develop systems, keep the network security up to date, expand the eCommerce side of the business and compile analytical reports for senior management.

Marketing – grow and develop the Marks and Spencer brand by liaising between stores and suppliers and introducing new ideas to boost sales figures.

Graduate training programme – Marks and Spencer have well-structured courses right from Induction Day through to understudying a senior manager, attending workshops and completing assignments.

How to apply

The company does not accept printed job application forms any more. They do not accept walk-in applications either.

Applying for an M&S job couldn’t be easier. All you need to visit their job site ( and start searching for suitable vacancies for yourself.

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