Barista Cover Letter Example

If you have seen a role as a Barista that you would like to apply for then you will have a passion for coffee and customer services. A Barista role is a starting

point in a coffee shop/house and a particularly busy role with a steep learning curve. You will be dealing with customers serving them different coffees and products all day and spend the majority of your day on your feet in a very busy environment.

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If this is a role you are interested in and you are seeking some help on a covering letter, please see the below example.

Cover Letter for Barista

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application for a Barista (Job ref if known)

I would like to apply for the Barista role that you have advertised in (where) and (when).

I have always had a passion for good quality coffees and having done some research into your company and products, I feel that I would like to be part of your future. If you want to know more about UK jobs then Manchester Airport jobs is for you.

I am a very hard worker who is eager to learn quickly and have taken a look at the store in (where the role will be based) and like the setting and staff, products etc.

My background is a customer related one, I have worked in a shop (doing what?) and I am now keen on entering the world of coffee and would like to start as a Barista and work upwards when the opportunities become available.

I am an excellent communicator, I can work many number of different shifts with no commitment problems and I am able to pick up new systems and way of working quickly and efficiently.
I have enclosed my CV with my letter and can attend an interview at short notice should you have any interest in my skills.

In the mean time I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my CV and letter and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincere


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I write a cover letter for a barista without experience?

If you have no experience, even then, you can get a job in Barista. Just make sure you include the following points in your CV:

  • Include contact info
  • Choose the right salutation
  • Write about your qualification
  • Include your goal in life

2. Is a cover letter necessary for working as Barista?

Yes, it is necessary to have a cover letter with a CV to express your potential and previous experience.

3. What do you write in a barista application?

The applicants may have different skills when applying for a job in Barista. Thus, it is hard to say exactly what one should write. However, you can add skills like customer service, PR, soft skills etc.

4. What makes you a good fit for this job, Barista?

You must be cheerful to the customer and have a positive attitude to be a perfect employee of Barista. However, it would help if you also had many more skills and parameters our expert CV writers may guide you on.

5. What strengths do you need as a barista?

The skills that you require are:

  • Friendly behavior
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Positive attitude

6. Why do you want to work as a Barista answer?

To answer the above question, you may say, ‘ I always wanted to be a part of a customer-oriented industry. Also, I have good communication skills and politeness to speak with customers. All these and much more make me a perfect employee of Barista.

7. Is Barista the best place for part-time work in the UK?

Of course. If you are a student and want to pay your college fees by working part-time, Barista is an

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