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  • Get a Free CV Review & Feedback From our Experts

In our current job market, which can only be described as fiercely competitive, your CV often presents the first impression to prospective employers. At iCover, we firmly maintain that a pristine CV holds the key to countless opportunities. Our CV review service, provided by experts in the field, can offer you the following benefits:

Accentuate Your Talents:

  • Our experts are skilled at highlighting and amplifying your individual strengths, which sets you apart from other candidates.

Spot and Amend Errors:

  • From spell check and grammar correction to format scrutiny, we methodically remove any errors that may tarnish your impression on potential employers.

Harmonise with Industry Standards:

  • Our professionals are up-to-date with industry trends, ensuring your CV meets hiring managers’ expectations.

ATS-Friendly CVs:

  • Many organisations utilise Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sift through CVs. We ensure that your CV will be ATS-compatible, raising the odds of reaching a human hiring manager.

Personalised Feedback:

  • Our team offers constructive feedback and expert advice to help improve your CV regarding both presentation and content.

Boosts Assurance:

  • Knowing that your CV has been professionally reviewed and refined can substantially lift your confidence.It is the advantage of hiring our professional CV writing service.

Saves Valuable Time:

  • Save yourself from spending endless hours perfecting your CV. Our review service will handle it for you, giving you more time to prepare for interviews and seek job opportunities.


  • Questions people ask about our free CV review

A: Simply upload your CV onto our platform. One of our professional reviewers will then offer thorough feedback and suggestions for improvement.

A: Our standard turnaround time is three working days, although we provide a quicker service for an additional fee.

A: The cost of our CV review service varies depending on the level of detail and feedback you require. Visit our Pricing page for further details.

A: We’re equipped to review CVs across all sectors and at all career stages, from entry-level to executive.

A: Our reviewers are highly experienced professionals who stay informed of current hiring trends and employer expectations.

A: Absolutely! We value your privacy. Any documents you upload will be held in strict confidence.

A: Indeed, we offer a follow-up review service at a reduced rate. You can get thorough insights on our Pricing page.

A: A CV review offers feedback on a CV you’ve compiled yourself, whereas a CV writing service entails a professional crafting your CV from the ground up.

A: Certainly! Our company provides a unique opportunity for you to engage in direct conversations with our expert reviewers. You have the option to connect with them conveniently through phone calls or video calls, ensuring a personalised and interactive experience.

A: Most certainly, we accept CVs from anywhere in the world. Anyone can access our services. No matter their geographical constraints. By utilising our online platform, you can easily engage with our services and benefit from seamless transactions and communication, no matter where you are located.

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