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Elevate Your Career with Our Online CV Editing Services

In today’s competitive job landscape, your CV often acts as the gateway to your dream job and career opportunities. With our top-notch CV editing services, our seasoned editors delve deep into your document such as CV and also cover letter, eliminating errors and refining its readability. We ensure that our CV Writing Services presents your unique skills with utmost clarity and precision. Partner with us, and let your CV make an impeccable first impression to potential employers.

Elevate Your Career with Our Online CV Editing Services

Our CV Proofreading Service UK

Our CV Proofreading Service UK

When you entrust your document to our resume editing service UK , here’s what our seasoned CV editing helpers will do for you:

  • Rectify any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Ensure your content is sharp and to the point.
  • Uphold a polished, professional tone throughout.
  • Tackle any clarity or consistency hiccups.
  • Provide insightful feedback via comments for your reference.

Upon completion, you’ll receive two versions of your enhanced CV:

  1. A pristine ‘Final’ copy in its original format.
  2. An MS Word version.

The ‘Track Changes’ version lets you go through every edit we’ve made, allowing you to have the final say. If your original document is in a format incompatible with Track Changes, don’t worry – we’re flexible and will adjust our methods to accommodate your needs.

We understand the paramount importance of first impressions. To ensure your CV isn’t just compelling in content but also in presentation, consider adding our UK CV editing formatting service during checkout. We’ll style your CV to meet professional standards, ensuring you present your best self every time.

Our CV Editors

At iCover, a CV editing service company, we exclusively onboard proficient expert CV editor who have mastered the art of CV editing. With a proven track record of crafting impeccable CVs across various job roles, they have empowered individuals worldwide to secure the coveted positions they aspire to achieve.
Ben, Manchester 125 Finished Projects
95% Success Rate

Possesses a deep understanding of the tech industry, having been a tech recruiter for top firms. He now focuses on tailoring CVs for IT professionals to highlight their technical expertise and soft skills.

Ava, Liverpool 120 Finished Projects
93% Success Rate

Former head of talent acquisition for finance and banking sectors. Currently helps finance professionals curate their CVs, emphasising their analytical prowess and industry knowledge.

Connor, Birmingham 98 Finished Projects
95% Success Rate

With a background in advertising and marketing, he excels at creating visually appealing resumes and content-rich CVs for creative professionals, ensuring their portfolios shine.

Ethan, London 112 Finished Projects
92% Success Rate

Bringing her experience from the legal world, Charlotte previously served as a hiring consultant for top legal firms in the UK. Her expertise lies in refining CVs for legal professionals, underlining their case successes, research expertise, and dedication to justice.

Freddie, Scotland 106 Finished Projects
90% Success Rate

With roots in the energy and environmental sectors, Ewan has a comprehensive grasp on what leading energy corporations seek in their teams. He is adept at enhancing CVs for engineers and environmental consultants, emphasising their project involvements and technical proficiencies.

Charlotte, Wales 127 Finished Projects
91% Success Rate

A past HR specialist in the hospitality and tourism sectors, Ffion possesses the know-how to make CVs stand out for professionals in this vibrant industry. She focuses on emphasising their management abilities, event successes, and customer service milestones.

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What Client's Says About Our Professional CV Proofreading Services?

"Efficient and Meticulous"

“I sent my CV to UK CV editing services on a whim, thinking it was already polished. To my surprise, they highlighted and subtle mistakes I had overlooked. Their feedback was thorough and the turnaround time was surprisingly quick. Highly recommend their expertise.”


"Attention to Detail"

“I never realised the impact of a professionally proofread CV until I used UK CV editing services. They have an incredible eye for detail and their suggestions not only edit my CV errors but enhanced the overall presentation. Their service was swift and efficient, making my job application process smoother.”

Carlos, Liverpool

"Unparalleled Expertise"

 “I was a bit skeptical about sending my CV for review, but this proofreading agencies UK exceeded all expectations. They caught errors I hadn’t noticed and offered constructive feedback to make my CV stand out. Their service is top-notch and I’m confident about my job hunt now.”

Isabella, Dundee

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** Pertains to documents no more than 3,000 words. 

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