Terms And Conditions


You agree to our Terms and Conditions when you place an order on the iCover which are described in the following sections. In case you are not comfortable with any of the following Terms and Conditions, we politely recommend you to not to use our services.

Our Terms and Conditions will be revived from time to time without any prior intimation. However, these changes will not affect you were bound to the earlier Terms and Conditions while placing the order.

The contract will be issued and will exist with the iCover when we accept your order. We may also refuse your order without notice, and you will be informed within 24 hours.

The prices on our website are subject to change without prior notice, and iCover is not liable for the price changes. If you have placed the order with the previous price range, the price changes will not be applied to you.

If there is a reduction in the prices of any service or order you have placed with us, we are happy to refund the difference within 7 working days.

All the content on the iCover is the sole property of us (iCover). Any kind of unauthorized copying and using content is not permitted.

Our team makes a great effort to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information on our website. We only provide career advice and are not liable and responsible for the inaccurate result in any of the information on the iCover platform.

Ordering With iCover

To complete your order, we need to collect your personal information. That includes your contact details, educational background, employment history, etc. We accept this information should be readily available with your order. It will help us to complete your order with top quality.

In case the above information is a mission, our support team will contact you regarding the same. You need to gather the relevant information, or if minor information is missing, we will highlight this in your completed order.

Our payment policy depends upon advance payment to start working on your order. The payment transaction on our website is done via the online merchant service PayPal. Contact our support team for more information if you want to make payment through other means.


 you place an incorrect order by selecting the wrong CV. We will contact you in such a case and advise you on the same. Henceforth we will arrange the difference, if any, and the final cost will be settled. If you don’t want to continue with our advice, then we will refund you.

Once your order is finalized with the iCover, we will arrange a telephone call or email you to gather more information about your order to craft the CV. The turnaround will apply when we collect all the necessary information from you.

Your CV will be composed based on all the information we have collected from you. If any existing content shared with us is deemed fit for the task, we will use it while crafting the new CV. We will get back to you with the new CV and deliver you in Microsoft word or PDF format in your email provided while placing the order. If any contact information is missing, then we won’t be able to deliver you the CV. If you provide us with the missing information, we can ably send you the new CV in PDF format.

We recommend you keep checking your spam or junk folder throughout the entire process of the order. We are not responsible and don’t accept any liability if the order is sent and perceived as not received for this reason. The additional services, like a social media profile, will accompany your main order without any copy packs. It will be sent by the recorded delivery and within due time.

Once you receive the order, it is assumed to be complete unless you contact us for any required changes. To get changes as early as possible, we recommend you to mail us highlighting the needed changes on Once we receive your mail, we will make the required changes if we feel there is a need based on our experience and expertise. We aim to complete the requested changes within the 4 working days once we receive the request. If you want us to complete the adjustments sooner, please mention accordingly, and we will try to make the adjustments faster.

We offer CV writing and career advice services in good faith. All the orders were completed and delivered to the best of our knowledge and experience of CV writers. We are not bound to accept any liability if you suffer any loss or damage as a result of taking our services.

Turnaround Time

We follow the average turnaround time mentioned on our platform. In busier periods it may take turnaround time can be longer. When we collect all the required information from you, that’s the start of the turnaround time. Don’t consider the turnaround time from the time you place the order.

In case we feel that we are likely to fall outside the given turnaround time during busier months, our customer support will contact you regarding this. Here we can take the mutually agreed action.

In the same way, if we find we are falling outside the turnaround time based on upon nature of your order. We will contact you to discuss the complexity of the order and set the agreed time frame.

iCover is not responsible for any inconvenience or complications faced by the client; as a result to meet the given average deadlines. You will not get any refund in such circumstances.

Cancellation And Return Policy

iCover offers ” goods ” services based on the client’s specifications and guidelines. In some cases, it can be completely personalized. That’s the reason our services are exempted from the usual distance selling laws and regulations.

We follow the policy of 100% customer satisfaction. That’s the reason we guarantee to make multiple revisions until you are 100% satisfied. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and free amendments are backed for 12 months. In such cases, we don’t offer refunds.


It’s most unlikely even when you partner with iCover for CV writing services and career guidance. If you have any grievance or complaint related to your order at iCover, please email us at Your received complaint will be investigated, and we will come to you in 3 working days.