Charlotte Talbot

Charlotte Talbot

A hi to all. I’m Charlotte Talbot,  an experienced UK-based overseas career consultant. My knowledge and experience have helped clients achieve high in their careers.

My Qualification

My degrees: a bachelor's in international business from the University of Manchester and a Global Master's in management from the LSE. Additionally, I’ve done several courses in career development (CDI) and counselling, giving me a deeper understanding of the career landscape.

My Expertise

I specialise in overseas career consultancy. My thorough understanding of the complexities of international job markets helps me strategise tailored advice and guidance to clients navigating newer geographies.Experience:

My Experience

I’ve spent over 15 years in overseas career consultancy. Having worked with clients across finance (HSBC), technology (CGI UK), healthcare technology (Cerner) and education (Cognita), my unique perspective on the global job market has helped me develop an extensive network of contacts worldwide.

My Projects

I’ve worked on several projects for individuals, including one that helped a young lady secure a job in Singapore at short notice. My strong international network has helped clients quickly obtain visas and work permits in Canada, Australia and the United States. I will continue to give the best possible guidance to help my clients achieve more in their careers.

My Publications


To conclude, my career in overseas career consultancy is helping my clients surpass their desired career outcomes. What more can I ask for? I’m changing lives for the better. If you need an empathetic career consultant who can create life-altering career opportunities for you, I’m all ears.