Teacher Resignation Letter Example

Are you quitting your job as a teacher? Looking for teacher resignation letter examples? You have come to the right place. Here are some resignation letter examples for teachers that can help you. 

Example Of Teacher Resignation Letter To Principal

Example of teacher resignation letter to principal

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Teacher Resignation Letter To Parents Sample

Teacher Resignation Letter To Parents Sample

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Resignation Letter Example Teacher Assistant

Resignation Letter Example Teacher Assistant

We also have a resignation letter example due to family illness that can help you.

Teacher Resignation Via Email

Teacher Resignation Via Email

Teacher Resignation Email (Effective Immediately)

Teacher Resignation Email (Effective Immediately)

How To Write A Teacher Resignation Letter 

Each section of the resignation letter should have the correct outline and wording. Whether you are looking for a faculty resignation letter example or a teaching assistant resignation letter example, follow these steps to create a well-written Teacher Resignation Letter: 

Add an Introduction

First, you need to give the principal of the school a greeting. It should include the reason for your resignation and the last day of the work. 

Body Paragraph 

In this, you can explain why you are resigning from the job and also add that you are grateful for the opportunity to work at the school. 


Again, show your appreciation for the opportunity when concluding the resignation letter. Also, say you are always there to help the teacher replace you. 

It will give you a better chance of receiving a positive recommendation from the principal in the future. 

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Can I Resign Via Email?

It depends. Some would accept the resignation via email, as an attachment, or in the body of the email. Some may ask you to submit a hard copy. So, if you are unsure, ask the principal or the school administrator. 

What To Include In The Teacher Resignation Letter

Whether a printed letter or email, submitting your notice in writing is standard practice. While email is legally sufficient, it is better to write a letter as it is more formal and professional. Always keep a copy of the letter to avoid any discrepancies. 

Essential elements to include in your resignation letter:

  • The final date of employment 
  • The final date of attendance as your notice period may include school holidays.
  • Thank the school for the support and opportunity they have given you
  • You may want to provide details about the reason you are resigning.
  • It is good practice to say what post you will be going to and to wish the headteacher and school all the best for the future.

What You Should Not Include In The Resignation Letter 

There is non-relevant information that you should not add to your resignation letter. Avoid using: 

  • Don’t include negativity: Don’t say why you hate your job or are happy to leave this job. 
  • Don’t reveal secrets about other coworkers: The resignation letter is not the place to call out everything wrong. 
  • Don’t include threatening language: We know email or any letter can go viral. So don’t use any wrong words and make a smooth transition. 

When To Write A Teacher Resignation Letter

Before writing the resignation letter, a face-to-face conversation with the principal is essential. After the discussion, you can submit the letter to the principal and announce it. You also need to ensure that you are not breaking any clauses in the contract. If you are resigning at the end of the school year, choose a date so that you can complete all the final administrative work. But, if you resign in the middle of the year, things will be different. The contract may have a required amount of notice you need to provide. Give at least two weeks of notice expected for most jobs. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I craft a resignation letter as a teacher? 

When you start briefing your resignation letter as a teacher, you may include specific points like: – 

  • Start by addressing the letter to your school principal or supervisor. 
  • Begin the letter with a formal opening, such as “Dear Principal [Name].” 
  • Then, say your intention to resign from your position and provide a date for your last day of work. Even also you can include a brief explanation for why you’re leaving. 
  • Always avoid negative comments, and professionally write them.  

2) What is the best resignation letter for a teacher? 

The best resignation letter for a teacher should be professional, respectful, and concise. It should be very to the point stating the date of your last day and finally expressing gratitude for your time at the school.

3) How do you write a respectful resignation letter? 

When you write a respectful resignation letter, always use a professional tone and avoid negative comments. Keep the letter short and concise, and never discuss personal issues or grievances. 

4)Is it legit to resign without a resignation letter as a school teacher?  

Resigning with a resignation letter as a school teacher is only advisable. Giving a resignation letter is a formal and professional way to inform you that you are leaving your job. 

5) How do you write a positive resignation? 

When you are writing a positive resignation, always stick to the following’s tips such as:

  • Focus on your positive experiences and opportunities while working at the school. 
  • Express gratitude for your support and guidance from colleagues and supervisors, and offer to help with the transition process.
  • Keep the tone professional and avoid any negative comments or criticisms.

6) What is the best resignation example? 

The best resignation example include:

  • Written in a professional tone 
  • Short and concise 
  • Express final gratitude with a thank note 
  • Do not use negative comments 
  • Always mention a thank note for the opportunity you got here while working 

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