1 Week Notice Resignation Letter

If you have to give one weeks’ notice in accordance with your terms and conditions of employment then you need to specify this carefully in your resignation letter to your employer. If you are leaving for a new role, ensure that before you hand your resignation in that you have confirmation of a new job to go to first.

Handing your resignation in is always a daunting task for any person so it is important to feel prepared before you do so. Check your contract, is there anything you specifically need to do before leaving? Do you have anything that you need to pay back e.g. training etc? Go through your terms with a fine-tooth comb so that they are no surprises.

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Please see below the example letter which you can use as a guide when writing your letter.

1 Week Notice Resignation Letter

1 Week Notice Resignation Letter

Mr. A. Employee
1, My House
Any Street
This Town
PO57 3DE


Mrs. A. Manager
The Company
Employment Street
That Town
PO57 3DE

Dear Sir/Madam,

Resignation with one weeks’ notice

I would like you to accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position of JOB TITLE.

I am resigning from my current role of JOB TITLE because of (REASON). In accordance with my contract of employment, I am giving you one weeks’ notice which makes my last working day/date with COMPANY NAME XXXX.

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I would be grateful if you would forward my final pay slip and P45 to my address as stated in this letter and I understand that my final pay will include any holiday pay that I have not taken during this holiday year.

Thank you for giving me the work experiences that you have, I feel I have learnt a great deal and this has helped me to continue to pursue a career I love. I feel that COMPANY NAME has a very bright future and I hope that you all continue to enjoy the successes.

Wishing you all the best and success for the future.

Best Wishes.

Yours sincerely


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