Jack Middleton

Jack Middleton

Hi. I am Jack Middleton, an experienced UK-based career consultant manager. My 11 years of helping competent individuals achieve their career goals have been a pleasure.

My Qualification

I did my bachelor's in psychology from the University of Manchester. I backed it up with a master's in career development and guidance from the University of Edinburgh Business School.

My Expertise

I specialise in career counseling and guidance. My insights have helped many find their true calling and make seamless career transitions. I know the current job market and the must-have skills and qualifications required to make an impact across different industries. We live in a knowledge-driven economy.

My Experience

I started as a junior career counselor with a leading recruitment agency (Tiger Recruitment). Over the years, I have handled positions of increasing responsibility, including that of a senior career consultant (Better Placed) and director of career services (Stanton Chase), with aplomb. He has worked with individuals across different industries, including finance, healthcare, and technology.

My Projects

I’ve successfully led several strategic initiatives in implementing career counseling programmes, job search workshops and networking events. I’ve had invaluable stints developing employer branding strategies (PageGroup) and enhancing their recruitment processes.

My Publications


My experience in career counseling has helped individuals across industries transform their careers. I always strive to improve my skills and know-how; only then can I improve outcomes for my clients. Be driven.