Supporting Statement: Follow Some Rules and Examples

In this competitive world of job hunting, the supporting statement can make a huge difference and set you apart from other candidates. A CV outlines your professional history and qualifications, and the supporting statement offers a unique opportunity to showcase your personality and suitability for the particular role. Here are some tips on how to write a compelling supporting statement example. 

What Is a Supporting Statement ?

A supporting statement can be a section in the CV like a professional summary or a document attached to the job application. This is where you can say why you are a perfect candidate. Show your skills relevant to the position you are applying for, your qualifications, and your experience in the industry. Don’t confuse supporting statements with cover letters. 

Why Are Supporting Statements Important in a Job Application?

In the modern job application process, supporting statements play a significant part because they enhance the worth of your CV. The cherry on top is that you show genuine interest in a specific job by not just submitting your CV. A hiring manager always appreciates that you have gone the extra mile to write a strong supporting statement for the job. It will help you to get to the interview stage easily. Let’s check some examples of supporting statements.

Supporting Statement Example

Here are some job supporting statement examples for your reference. 

Supporting Statement Example for Job Application: Customer Service

I am self-assured, trustworthy, and enthusiastic, with prior customer care expertise. In my five years of experience therein, I’ve consistently tried to provide proactive, customised, and timely assistance to keep clients happy. 

By being creative and effective, I often give my clients seamless experiences. I am acknowledged for being a result-oriented, sympathetic individual who values the time of others and works to provide useful answers in each interaction. 

My approach to customer service, with a positive attitude and a warm, sincere commitment as an experienced customer service professional, will take me far.

Supporting Statement Example UK: Marketing 

I am a highly driven, inventive marketing expert with first-class honours in marketing.

I have significant expertise working as a marketing executive, with the ability to boost sales through deeper inspection and effective resource management. Previously, I worked in social media administration, email marketing, content creation, curation, and planning, launching, and analysing campaigns.

 I work well under pressure and can multitask to complete projects by the deadlines. Being optimistic, enthusiastic, and energetic, I am appropriate for this job and will be an asset to your team.

Supporting Statement Job Application Example: Sales

I am motivated, aspirational, and competent, with a proven track record of delivering under intense competition.

As a sales manager motivated to persevere through setbacks, my mental strength often helps me achieve success. A talented leader who always continues to improve a company’s performance by utilising her leadership expertise, I am committed to succeeding by developing excellent relationships with all stakeholders while maintaining consistent revenue and growth.

Sample of Supporting Statement: Nursing

I have developed my communication skills by working directly with other nurses and physicians and engaging with patients of all ages. 

My priority is to give my patients the finest treatment available, ensuring they are at ease and getting proper medications on time. I work well under pressure and can effectively handle the requirements of different people because of planning and excellent time management. 

Having the heart and enthusiasm a nurse requires, I eagerly await a chance to hone my abilities further.

The supporting statement templates for different job roles will help you precisely understand how to write an effective personal statement for job.

When writing a supporting statement, include those relevant skills mentioned in the job roles you are applying for. 

How To Write A Supporting Statement For Job

How to write a supporting statement for job

You need to follow some important rules when writing a supporting statement.

Be Descriptive

A supporting statement needs to be concise. Review the job description before you start writing, as there can be key information about what hiring managers are looking for in candidates, like experience and skills. The recruiters will scan your supporting statement with these keywords. So make sure you mention your experience and skills that fulfil the expectations.

You can also contact iCover to write a compelling supporting statement. Our CV editing service can help you to get the job. 

Mention Your Skills and Qualifications 

After reviewing the job description, use your statement to highlight how your skills and qualifications fulfil the specific requirements. Use keywords and phrases from the job details to describe your experience so employers understand how your expertise relates to the job criteria. For example, share supporting information examples if an employer requires a specific degree and your credentials fulfil this requirement.

Show Your Achievements

Consider one or two examples of how you succeeded in past roles. Examples demonstrating your experience and skills that relate directly to the job can give employers better insight into how you can achieve similar success for their team. When highlighting achievements, consider examples that show organisational, interpersonal, and teamwork skills and your ability to communicate effectively.

Keep it brief

Use up to three sentences for your statement to keep your details brief and easy to read. This helps gain employers’ attention quickly when they scan your application, increasing the chances they will review your CV further and contact you for an interview. Include your most relevant traits that fulfil the requirements in your first sentence, with an example of a related achievement in the second sentence. In your last sentence, describe how you plan to contribute to similar success for the organisation you are applying to.

Format Properly

Follow a format that is appropriate to the document. For example, a supporting statement on a CV can be two to three sentences long, while a cover letter can be up to four to five sentences. The most important factor to consider when formatting your statement is including relevant details that employers can see immediately. Therefore, formatting your statement at the top of your application or CV and as the first paragraph of a cover letter is appropriate.

Proofread your statement

Don’t forget to proofread the statement. Make sure it doesn’t have any grammatical and spelling errors. If applying for multiple jobs, tailor each statement to match specific requirements. Highlight relevant skills and qualifications with each job application. 

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How Long Should A Supporting Statement Be?

Write a supporting statement from 100 to 150 words. It can be a maximum of two to three paragraphs. Try to stick to this rule, and don’t make it too long and turn it into a cover letter. It can kill the main purpose and the function of what the supporting statement is supposed to do. If you apply to companies like Google, Amazon, or NHS, you must write your skills and experience accordingly. Check the NHS supporting information templates. 

Tips for writing your supporting statement

Tips for writing your supporting statement

When writing the supporting statement, follow the tips below 

  • Make your statements specific to each job application you submit so employers understand how you can benefit their organisations.
  • Use the company’s name in your statement whenever applicable to help build rapport.
  • Give specific examples of your achievements, such as percentages, amounts or numbers, to better show what you accomplished.
  • Reiterate how you plan to help the employer so they understand your motivation to achieve results.
  • Show what you understand about the organisation by mentioning a challenge or project to which you are excited to contribute.


Supporting statement shows why you are the perfect candidate for the particular job. Following these tips and supporting statement sample to write a well-researched statement can increase the chances of landing your dream job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you end a supporting statement?

Reiterate your wish for the position you are applying for. Most job applicants miss this important point when concluding their supporting statement. You only need to add a brief statement indicating that you have the combination of skills required by a company.

What should you include in a supporting statement?

A manager will shortlist you for a job based on your supporting statement matching the relevant person’s specification. It’s an opportunity for you to describe your qualifications in writing, including your relevant experiences and skills.

How do you start a supporting statement?

The first line should introduce you and briefly overview who you are and why you are ideal for a job. For example: ‘I am an award-winning organiser with strong business expertise.’ It’s crucial to leave an effective first impression and convey an optimistic attitude.

How do you sell yourself in a supporting statement?

Job interviews are like selling your skills to your potential recruiters. To sell yourself successfully, you must know the demand first. So, review the job description multiple times and determine what value you can add to this organisation. Present your skills accordingly in your supporting statement, and your chance of selection will be high.

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