Due to Illness Resignation Letter Example

If you are preparing to hand your resignation in due to illness then this is a very sad and difficult time for you and your employers.

The letter will probably be difficult and emotional to write and you will need to remember the facts that you need to give in your letter as well as the explanations that you want to give to your employers. Also, read about What is Garden Leave is here.

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You will probably also be wanting to leave their employment quicker than your notice period which is understandable so it is important to ask this during your resignation letter. Are you looking for jobs in UK then Manchester Airport jobs is something you definitely want to explore.

Please see the below example resignation letter which you can use as a guide. Use this letter example if you want to resign from your job due to illness.  If you leave the job due to some unexpected circumstances, then don’t worry with our services you can prepare yourself to get the job you are looking for. Are you thinking— is it illegal to quit a job without notice UK? then click here.

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Due to Illness Resignation Letter Example

Due to Illness Resignation Letter Example

Mr. A. Employee
1, My House
Any Street
This Town
PO57 3DE


Mrs. A. Manager
The Company
Employment Street
That Town
PO57 3DE

Dear Sir/Madam,

Resignation from the position of XXXX

I would like you to accept this letter of resignation from my role of XXXX.

As you are aware, I have had a period of illness over recent months and unfortunately, I am now aware that this illness is not going to improve. I feel that it is only fair on both parties that I resign from my position of XXX so that you can get someone else to do this role on a more consistent basis and to give me the time that I need to recover. Want to explore more about high-paying jobs in your field, then components of CV are something you need to check out to create the best possible CV. 

I understand that my terms and conditions are for one month’s notice but under the circumstances, I would appreciate it if I was able to leave earlier than this time due to my doctor’s advice and being able to recuperate.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity that you have done, I have learnt a great deal from my time with COMPANY NAME. I am sorry that it has come to this situation.

Thank you again for everything including your patience over the last few months. I would like to wish you all the best for the future. Unhappy with your current job, then you must switch your job and try our Cover letter writing service to crack job offers from paying companies.

Yours sincerely


Frequently Asked Questions

In your resignation letter, start with your introduction and job position, then share the reason why you are leaving the job. Express gratitude to your manager or boss for allowing you to gain valuable work experience. Also, ensure you will serve a notice period and train your replacement.

If you suddenly become unable to continue your job due to health reasons, there is no other way other than to resign from your position. But before you submit your official resignation due to illness, you must inform your reporting manager regarding your health issues and why you are unable to continue any longer.

If you leave your job without a formal resignation, you will surely breach your employment contract. It will affect your job profile, and even your employer may take you to court for causing financial loss to the company. 

It entirely depends o your company’s policy. In most cases, you can work as a freelancer outside your working hours, but many companies restrict employees from working simultaneously with other entities. 

Most companies contract their employees to serve a notice period when they resign. So, in such cases, you can’t resign immediately as this will be a breach of contract. But if you are in a contractual or freelance role, you may immediately resign.

Mention clearly how the stress of your job affects your mental and physical health, and for that reason, you must resign from your position. Because you can get an alternative and suitable job, but can’t regain your health easily. So, it is a valid reason for resigning from your position. 

Desperate situations like personal, family or health-related issues may be an unavoidable reason for immediate resignation from the job. 

Suppose you find that your illness won’t recover within your limited sick leaves, or you want to leave the company while on sick leave. You can write a resignation letter to the HR manager. Follow the standard procedure, and your HR manager will provide your release letter on medical grounds.

You must check your employment contract to see if your company permits you to work on your sick leaves because most companies don’t prefer that their full-time employees work with other companies simultaneously.

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