How to Write an Impressive CV For Internship

This blog will let you explore how to write an impressive CV for internship. The internship is a beautiful way to learn industry trends and techniques. It also helps students to enhance their skills in the field of their interest.

An internship CV also lets your resume shine, and you can attach one more experience and skill to your student CV. However, many students don’t know how to compose a CV for internship. This blog will cover all important aspects of CV writing. You will also explore Do’s and Don’ts in CV writing and internship CV example. Meanwhile, get some examples here of CV for part-time job.

Do I Need a CV For An Internship?

Intern CV is a document that covers academic history, certification, skills acquired, and career-related accomplishments. However, the main focus of the internship CV is on the educational background and details.

Student CV also presents personal history details that are often missed in a resume. We can wisely use the term intern resume for the intern CV. That means a resume for an internship should meet the standards of any regular resume.

Usually, candidates who apply for internships have little or little work experience. So your intern CV must be precise and clear at the same time engaging. Any standard resume format can work with the intern’s CV.

That means submitting a CV while looking for an internship is imperative. As you are submitting a CV with no experience, it should be eye-catching. Keep reading to know how to write a CV for an internship.

Before moving to that, let’s explore essential elements of the intern CV.

What is a Good Resume for Internship?

Good Resume for Internship -

CV or Curriculum Vitae is almost similar to a resume. That we have learned in the previous section. So, in this blog, we may use the word “internship CV” or “internship resume” interchangeably. Let’s explore the important elements that you must include in your curriculum vitae:

Contact Information

Your intern CV must have your full name, followed by your recent phone number, address, and email. This information should be catchy so that potential employers can contact you smoothly. 

Personal Statement

Personal statements is your career objectives, as we present in the resume. You must explain your career goals with the job application and academic position within two to three statements. 

Educational History

You must provide your educational background engagingly. List complete educational experiences that express your undergraduate and graduate qualifications. You may also list the pursuing degree in your CV.

Additional Language Proficiency

If you are proficient in an additional language, list it in a separate section in your intern CV document.

Acquired Skills & Qualifications

List all your soft and hard skills in your internship CV. Your hard skills should be related to the field in which you are applying for the position.

Work Experience in The Relevant Field

If you have work experience in the field, you must present it in your CV. You can also include other work experience you have done in the past.


This is also an essential element of the CV for internship. Include certifications, and relevant training acquired in your intern resume.

Besides that, mention the awards and scholarships you have received throughout your academic career. You can also include extracurricular activities and volunteer experience. Including all these elements while writing the CV for the internship will surely attract employers. 

The internship CV example will show all these elements in the coming sections. You can even contact CV writing services for help. 

How To Write a CV For Internship?

Write a CV For Internship -

Follow the amazing steps given below to make your intern CV exciting and engaging. So, here we go:

Add Contact Information At Top

CV for internship must highlight your contact details at the top. Your name must be in bold letters, and you can make one or two font size larger than the rest of the details. Then add other contact details like address, phone, and email id. You can just start your CV with your contact information without labeling it your CV.

Tell About Yourself and Mention Objectives 

You can start the next section with the heading “Objectives” or Personal Statement.” Here mention your goals related to the position you have applied for. Show your employers that you are eager to acquire new skills and ready to apply your academic knowledge.

Explain in engaging words what you want to know about the industry and be a successful part of it in the future. Also, briefly explain your personal values that help shape your life goals and objectives.

List Educational Details in Reverse Chronological Order 

Your educational background is essential to your CV for internship. Moreover, an internship has a direct connection with your graduate program. That’s why list your current educational programs followed by other degrees. Also, mention the completion date of each program, and if any you are pursuing, mention the expected completion date. 

Mention Work Experience, If Any 

An internship position can be your first career-related employment. However, mention your additional work experience that shows you can survive the professional environment. Any previous experience related to retail, hotels, or supervising shows that you are a responsible individual. You can even mention if you have experience with child daycare. Also, explore Manchester Airport Jobs.

Include Volunteer and Campus Environment 

In the following section, you can give the details about any volunteer or campus-organized task you have done. This way, your employers can evaluate whether you are willing to work in a team and committed to individual growth. The leadership & authoritative positions you have held in the past will surely impress your future employers.

Mention Your Key Skills

Summarize your strongest abilities and skills in the following section. Mention the name of the skill and provide relevant information about it. This will provide depth to your intern CV. Usually, you can include at least your top five skills in your CV. That helps you to present yourself as a potential intern. 

Also, explore the Internship Cover Letter Example!

Sample CV for Internship

In this section, we will see how CV will look. These types of C V examples for students with no experience help them compose the perfect CV for internship.

CV for Internship template -

Do’s and Don’ts When Writing a CV For Internship

Many applicants are confused they should include an intern cover letter or not. Include a cover letter internship only when it is mentioned in the job description.

Besides that, there are other aspects that you should be aware of whether to include in your intern CV or not. Here are some of the few:



Make your summary shine in your CV so your potential employers will see it.

Include every job and skill in your intern resume.

Compose the order of sections in an engaging way.

Ignoring the specifics of the intern job requirements.

Select a professional and precise format for your internship resume.

Writing an unnecessarily long description for every point.


Composing an impressive CV for an internship is another soft skill. It should reflect while applying for the intern position. Internships provide the first step of progress toward your career objectives. That’s why create a resume in proper order and mention the relevant information.

Your intern CV must be eye-catching and precise. You can also use the templates to create a CV for an internship. In any situation, if you need professional help, contact ICOVER. The UK’s leading and affordable CV writing services offer affordable and top-quality services.

By that time, have a happy job hunt and get the intern position of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CV and resume different?

Your CV reflects the complete history of your academic background so the length may vary. Meanwhile, a resume represents your skills, abilities, and qualifications for the job position. So, in length, there is a significant difference.

2. How do I write a CV for an internship UK?

There are important aspects you must include in your CV for internship. That includes contact information, objectives, educational list (in reverse chronological order), work experience, campus involvement, and key skills. If you require professional help, connect with our CV writing experts.

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