Sarah Franklin

Sarah Franklin

Hello. I’m Sarah Franklin, an accomplished UK-based human resource manager. My work experience has helped many organisations improve their HR policies over time.

My Qualification

I did a bachelor's in human resource management from the University of Oxford. After working for five years, I earned a master's in business administration from Cambridge.

My Expertise

With over a decade of experience in human resources, I’ve acquired expertise in talent management, employee engagement, organisational development and employee relations. My nuanced understanding of employment laws and regulations in the UK has only improved over time.

My Experience

I started as a human resource executive with a multinational (PwC). Over the years, I created opportunities to hold positions of increasing responsibility, including that of a senior human resource manager (Unilever) and director of human resources (Sainsbury’s). My work with SMB organisations in finance, healthcare and technology has earned me plaudits.

My Projects

My strategic initiatives in my previous roles have seen me successfully implement employee engagement programmes, talent management frameworks and performance management systems. I’ve also led organisational restructuring projects and managed complex employee relations issues.

My Publications


Welcome to my author bio. My impressive qualifications, extensive experience and innovative teaching methods have earned me respect in education. Over the years, I’ve become more dedicated to creating a student-centric learning environment, improving teaching practices and learning en route. How can I help you today?