Supporting Statement: Follow Some Rules and Examples

Follow rules while writing a supporting statement in job application

In this competitive world of job hunting, the supporting statement can make a huge difference and set you apart from other candidates. A CV outlines your professional history and qualifications, and the supporting statement offers a unique opportunity to showcase your personality and suitability for the particular role. Here are some tips on how to … Read more

Sabbatical Leave Work: A Complete Guide for Employer and Employee

Sabbatical Leave

Summary – A sabbatical leave offers employees a chance for personal growth, skill enhancement, or relaxation, benefiting both the individual and the organisation….It’s a structured break from work, ranging from weeks to a year, providing opportunities for diverse activities like learning, travel, and personal projects. Read more In today’s fast-paced world, burnout has become a … Read more

How To Create An Engaging Video CV That Makes You Stand Out

How To Create An Engaging Video CV That Makes You Stand Out

Struggling to secure your dream job despite multiple resume attempts? We get it. Today’s job market is competitive with numerous applicants competing for the same positions. Whether you’re a fresher or an industry expert, having an updated, visually appealing CV is essential. With countless templates available in online design tools, crafting an impressive resume has … Read more

Should You Post QR Code On CV

Adding a QR code to your CV in the United Kingdom can set you apart in the job market with our concise guide, and unlock the potential of smart resumes!

Summary – Incorporating a QR code into a CV can streamline the recruitment process by providing quick access to additional resources like a digital portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or a personal website. It modernises…the resume, showcasing proficiency with technology and an innovative approach to information sharing. Read more Adding a QR Code On your CV is … Read more

Graduate Jobs vs. Apprenticeships

Graduate Jobs vs. Apprenticeships

Summary – Many employees have a common query: what is time off in lieu (TOIL)? It refers to a policy where employees are given time off… in exchange for additional hours beyond their regular working hours. Instead of receiving overtime pay for the extra hours worked, the employee can accumulate these hours as time off … Read more

The Importance of Keywords in Your CV

Importance of Keywords in Your CV

Summary – In the evolving UK job market, the incorporation of relevant keywords in your CV is critical, aiding in navigating ATS and enhancing visibility among employers…. Adopt a meticulous approach to CV optimization, including continuous keyword strategy adaptation and potential professional guidance, to increase your chances of securing a coveted position. Read more In … Read more

Hiring Indicators Every Recruiter Must Know

Hiring Indicators Every Recruiter Must Know

Ah, the ever-evolving world of recruitment! Every time I feel I’ve figured it out, there’s a twist. After spending years on UK job market analysis, I’ve constantly navigated the shifting currents of hiring patterns and methods. Today, we’ll dive deep into what makes the UK recruitment scene tick, its indicators, and the secret sauce of … Read more

The Essential Guide to Documents Required for Certificate of Sponsorship UK

documents required for Certificate of Sponsorship uk |

Summary- All set to work in the UK but need to know what’s next? Your first goal should be obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship UK licence from the Home Office. Your prospective employer should meet all the necessary legitimacy requirements so that your sponsorship licence procedure can be smooth sailing. Do you want to relocate … Read more