How to Write a CV for Christmas Jobs

If you are looking for a bit of extra cash for Christmas then you’re not alone, so you need to ensure your CV gets the attention it deserves and remains at the top of the pile so you get your chance of an interview.

Here are our top five tips to make sure the CV you present for your temporary Christmas job is the best.

#1. Short, sharp sentences

Don’t fill up pages just for the sake of it. Avoid wordy sentences and lengthy paragraphs in your CV. Use bullet points to get the important details across.

#2. Check it, check it, check it!

Spelling and grammar are vital, even for temporary posts. Don’t let silly mistakes creep into your CV by checking it and double checking frequently. Of course use spell check, but also read it out loud and ask a trusted friend to check it for you too.

#3. Get contact details correct

It’s no good submitting your CV to be considered for a job vacancy if your contact details are out of date or missing a digit. Make sure the information is easily available on your CV as well as any cover letter that you provide so you can be easily contacted. The worst outcome for your application is that you were suitable for the job but the employer couldn’t get a hold of you!

#4. Don’t go over 2 pages

CV’s should never be longer than 2 pages, and this is especially true for temporary Christmas jobs where the employer is keen to get staff in post as soon as possible. If you’re focusing on the specific skills required for the job then there is certainly no need for 2 pages.

#5. Get to the point

If you’re submitting an application to a recruiter for a retail post they don’t want to know about your experience working in a school unless there are significant transferable skills that you can highlight. Take time to read the job description and understand what the company is seeking, and ensure you tailor your CV to highlight the experience that you hold in these areas.

With these tools you will give yourself the best chance to get that temporary Christmas job.

Writing a CV is an important job not only for Christmas but for any season. Make sure that your CV is related to the job you are applying. Uniqueness is the key, don’t just copy paste things from internet.

Free samples online are good to inspire however copy pasting them can cause you a job.

You don’t have to be an expert to write your resume. You may hire a professional CV writer if you are not prepared to make your CV yourself.

Things to remember!

1. Your CV is the information on which your potential employer bases his or her decision on whether to bother interviewing you or not. It is your foot in the door.

2. Your CV should be customised for each job application – the information should be relevant to the job that you are applying for.

3. Don’t be afraid to oversell yourself. Obviously don’t blatantly lie on your CV, but you can exaggerate your existing skills (especially if you know for sure that you can do what you are saying you can).

4. Your CV must stand out from the rest of the pack – it’s an advert for the skills and services you have to offer.

Good Luck!

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