5 Ways to Improve Your CV for Job Applications

If you’re currently applying for jobs you’ll know how challenging it is to get an interview as there are so many candidates in the market. To ensure you get the best chance of getting an interview you should improve your CV in the following ways.

The employer will be searching through dozens of CVs trying to decide which ones to select for interview. You need to make sure that your CV works hard for you to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills or experience to do the job effectively.

So what makes a good CV? It should:

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express to the reader your experience and skills that are relevant to the post;

demonstrate that you are keen to work hard stick with the job role or company for a considerable time so the employer isn’t expecting to have to re-advertise the post in 6 months time; andit should be clearly written and well presented so if the reader spends on 20-30 seconds scanning the document they can find all the relevant information they are looking for.

1. Grades or Achievements

Don’t hold back when mentioning high grades or achievements, and don’t wait to be asked about your results. If you have done well academically or during experience then write it on your CV. If you don’t get an interview you may not have another opportunity to impress the employer with these facts.

2. Cut out the fluff.

Review the job description for the post you are applying to, and cut out any items on your CV that are irrelevant. It may be that a prospective employer is speed reading unnecessary information that you have used to bulk out your CV instead of the relevant experience or knowledge which makes you an excellent candidate for the role.

3. Use bold text to highlight the important facts.

If you have a lot of information on your CV, and you feel that it is all relevant to the post, use bold or underlined font to highlight specific information. Clearly this is not always possible when applying for jobs via online job sites, but if you are uploading your CV, or sending it by email or post, there is an opportunity to draw the readers attention to the information which you need them to see. However in order for this technique to be effective, ensure that you highlight no more than 5 key words or phrases.

4. Improve your job prospects with a short course.

If you have been unemployed for some time there are courses available through your local Job Centre that you may be eligible to attend free of charge. Alternatively if you’re thinking about entering a new career, then a short introductory course in an appropriate subject may help you get your foot through the door. It is always wise to seek advice about whether a course will be recognised by the employer before spending any money.

5. Voluntary placements and internships count too!

The skills and experience you gain during a voluntary work placement or internship, even on a short term basis, could be appropriate to the post. If you haven’t had the experience of working your intended career, see if you can volunteer for work experience with a company local to you.

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