The Top 5 Ways to Describe Work Experience on Your Resume

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your resume is your face before the employer meets you in person.

The way your work experience is displayed can greatly affect your chances of getting a call back for the interview. Here are a few tips to help your experience stand out!

Top 5 Ways to Describe Work Experience on Your CV.

1. Accomplishments over duties.

Anyone can answer phones and file paperwork, but the Employer wants to know how you made the company better. You provide this information by showing the outcomes of your work such as finished projects and achievements.

2. Tailor your resume.

Your resume should be tailored to the job you are applying for. List the work experience and achievements that pertain to the new role you hope to obtain. Long gone are the days where you could send one generic resume to all employers. Use different resumes for each job applications.

3. Use action verbs.

Words such as “Responsibilities” and “Duties” will not make your resume stand out, but using action verbs such as “Leveraged, Established, and Marketed” will. Doing a simple Google search for “resume action verbs”, can give you great words that will highlight the outcomes of your work. Using different verbs, keywords within your CV won’t harm anything so try using those words related to your skills.

4. Quantify your results.

My main theme throughout this article has related to listing accomplishments over duties. Quantifying your results helps you do just that! Did you increase revenue? If so, by how much? If you have trouble quantifying your work, write out a list of projects you have worked on. What was the purpose of the project? Was the goal achieved? Use percentages, dollars, and amounts to show this, but make sure that whatever you list is the truth. (Helpful tip, do not wait until you are applying for a job to remember these figures. Keep a separate portfolio of your projects to keep track of your outcomes in real time.)

Quantify your results

5. Use bullet points.

Listing your work experience in paragraph form could make your document difficult to read, and therefore may make the employer lose interest in your resume. Listing your work history in a short series of bullets makes your accomplishments stand out quickly. Using bullet points will take attention to the readers. Make sure that bullet points are used for the most important bits of your CV.

Don’t forget that companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems nowadays so keep that in your mind as well when writing your resume.

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