CV References Example- Meaning, Definition, Purpose

Is it mandatory to include the cv references example within your job application? Looking at the conventional cv format, you can get several vital sections.

Also, the references on cv are found at the end of the cv. Even in the modern UK format of a cv, one can get one or two references at the end of the document.

What Do References In CV Mean?

The references are the individuals who used to be your past employer or the seniors or colleagues. They usually provide recommendations or feedback about your skills and abilities. They might act as your referees or ambassadors. The employer may call or email them to find out their conduct within the organization.

Some questions the employer may ask from your reference include:

  • How do you know the person?
  • How was their conduct in office?
  • Is the position we offer best for him?
  • What are their abilities, skills, and perseverance?
  • What would you say about their punctuality and personal character?

It is totally in the hand of the referee how they recommend you to the new organization. Thus, the candidate must choose the previous colleague. You might lose your new job if you don’t choose the right person.

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What Are The Circumstances When You Include CV References?

CV Reference With Long Column Format -

There are several circumstances when you need to present good references. The following are the reasons behind getting ‘personal reference.’

When Requested By The Employer

One of the most common reasons for getting a cv reference is when the present employer asks for it. Every candidate knows this, as it is the first step of the job application process.

But, it can also vary from one organization to another. Some companies may ask for a reference letter after the interview is over. 

Whether the employer asks for the references before the interview or after, in both cases, you must allot the reference letter to the employer. 

Create A Good Impression On The Employer

If you already have a reference from the previous organization, you may present it when you come for a job interview.

It is optional to present your reference to the interview. But you can always do it to create a positive impression on the person taking your interview. You can now refer to some cv references examples.

Helping The Recruiter

If you really wish to help your recruiter, providing the cv reference will be vital. The recruiter may be asking for your CV references later.

But, before they ask, you may hand it over to them. Also, it will create an ease for you as well. As soon as you hand in the reference, they will cross-check your credibility. Also, once they find it positive, there will be a good chance that they will consider you for the particular position. 

The recruiter will feel that the candidate is hiding nothing from the company. Mostly, people with negative track records won’t have referees at all.

Thus, the candidate, in this case, will be in a win-win situation. 

More Credibility

If you see it from a psychological point of view, adding the reference letter will add more weight to your cv. It will enhance your credibility by presenting your positive or clear track record.

Thus, the recruiter will always vouch for your candidature in the organization. With the help of it, they can create a good track record for the candidate.

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How Do You Write References On A CV?

You must follow the guideline before writing references on a cv.

You must include the following sections in your references:

  •  Complete name, job title, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Before providing your referees’ information to recruiters, get their consent. It will also let them know they might get a call regarding you.
  • Give the name of your references’ employers. Without it, they may be any Tom, Dick, Harry, or even your friends!
  • Use your referee’s business number rather than their one when providing personal phone numbers (where possible).
  • As is customary, use a reference from your most recent workplace. In the absence of such information, a potential employer can ponder: “Why didn’t he/she include their most recent employer as a reference? What is this individual trying to conceal?

Who Can I List As A Reference?

It is advised to list two recommendations on your resume. Your present or past employer should serve as one of your referees, and the second referee for job can be well-acquainted with you, such as:

  • Current company
  • Former employer
  •  Manager and Supervisor
  • Teacher 
  • Colleague 
  • Coach 
  • Trainer

When selecting references, you must be very selective. Only some people who know you well or want to recommend you can do it efficiently and expertly. The options are if you are thinking about who can be a personal reference.

Your officials ought to be:

  • Well-spoken, 
  • authoritative, and authoritative; 
  • friendly, and engaging.

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What Do Employers Ask For In A Reference Uk? 

Common Reference Check Issues

  • How are you familiar with the candidate?
  • How did you collaborate with the applicant?
  • The candidate’s employment ended in what way?
  • What positions or job titles did the applicant hold? 
  • Has the applicant been given any promotions at this business?
  • Does the applicant have the qualifications needed for the job?

If you frequently arrived late or missed work, or if there were any problems with your performance or teamwork, these are some of the things employers might ask for your references.

Employers might also inquire about your pay, any promotions you may have had, any disciplinary measures, and the reason you left the business. Those are also a vital part of CV references. Also, the employers of London use the ATS system UK for screening of each cv. But, after that they will go for a reference check.

What Are Examples Of Good CV References?

There are different formats of writing references on cv example. Following are some of the formats that the employers in the UK considers to be good.

CV Reference With Long Column Format 

CV Reference With Long Column Format -

CV Reference With Short Sentence Format

Include Professional Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Employers Check References Before Or After An Offer Uk?

Checking references is a part of the hiring process. Also, employers inquire about your job skills, honesty, interpersonal skills, initiative, and other qualities. Employers do all these to assess a candidate’s employability. Thus, even in UK the reference check is done before the job offer. 

2. How Many References Should I Have?

In general, you must give two references, one from a past employer (if you have one) and the other from someone who is well acquainted with you. However, the number of references may change depending on the applicant’s circumstances. 

3. What To Do If Your References Don’t Respond?

Consider choosing a different reference to speak on your behalf if the previous one has yet to respond to your inquiries. Finding a new reference will help you make better use of your time, as the recruiting company might have a deadline for receiving the contact details of your references.

4. What Are Some Common Mistakes Of CV Reference?

Following are some of the silly mistakes from employees’ side

  • The applicant did not mention the full name of the referee
  • No job title of the referee is mentioned
  • The candidate did not mention the phone number and email address of the referee
  • Long-winded address 

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