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Summary - Incorporating a QR code into a CV can streamline the recruitment process by providing quick access to additional resources like a digital portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or a personal website. It modernises...the resume, showcasing proficiency with technology and an innovative approach to information sharing.

Adding a QR Code On your CV is a modern trend that can give you an edge in the job market, especially suited for certain professions or career phases. For instance, a QR code linking to your LinkedIn profile on your CV can bridge the gap between a traditional resume and your online professional presence. It enables potential employers to explore your LinkedIn page for a deeper understanding of your professional journey.

Similarly, embedding a QR code that directs to a digital version of your CV could provide a dynamic and interactive component to your application. This approach not only demonstrates your digital literacy but also allows you to present a more comprehensive view of your qualifications, projects, and achievements that may not fit within the confines of a one or two-page resume. Hire a CV writing service to incorporate a QR code on your CV effectively.

What Is A QR Code In A UK CV?

In the UK, a QR code on a CV is a scannable barcode that often links to the applicant’s LinkedIn profile, portfolio, personal website, or contact details, offering employers a swift way to access the applicant’s professional background and work.

When incorporating a QR code into a UK CV, it’s essential to

  • Ensure the linked content is professional and relevant to the job application.
  • Keep the QR code small and discreet so it doesn’t distract from the CV content.
  • Verify that the QR code works correctly and leads to the intended webpage.
  • Consider the industry you’re applying to; creative industries may be more receptive to this approach.

What Are The Reasons For Featuring A QR Code On A UK-Based CV?

What Are The Reasons For Featuring A QR Code On A UK-Based CV?

Including a QR code on a CV in the UK serves as a modern touchpoint that connects traditional job applications with digital content. When you add a QR code for LinkedIn on your CV, it allows recruiters to instantly access your complete professional profile, networking connections, endorsements, and recommendations that wouldn’t fit on a standard CV. This quick transition from paper to the digital world demonstrates technological savvy and a proactive approach.

Having a QR code with your CV on it offers an interactive element; employers can scan and view your detailed CV on their mobile device or be taken to a webpage that showcases your portfolio, providing a richer, more dynamic presentation of your professional background.

Incorporating QR codes on CV in the UK is incredibly strategic for specific job sectors where digital proficiency is crucial. For example, in fields like digital marketing, graphic design, or IT, a QR code can exemplify your skills in practice. It’s a visual cue that you are comfortable with technology and understand its application in a professional context.

Moreover, QR codes on CV UK-centric applications highlight your ability to engage with global tech trends, as QR codes are widely used for various applications from retail to advertising and now increasingly in personal branding.

Using a LinkedIn QR code on your resume is a modern touch that simplifies the task for recruiters to reach your professional online presence, showcasing you as an innovative and efficiency-minded applicant. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to integrate the QR code into your resume without causing visual clutter and to maintain all critical information in the text to accommodate individuals who might not scan the code. To ensure your CV is not cluttered and effectively using a QR code, opt for a CV editing service.

Benefits of Using QR on CV!

Benefits of Using QR on CV!
Direct Access to Online Content: It allows potential employers to directly access your online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or any other professional platform, making it easier for them to view your work and accomplishments.

Space Saving

A QR code can save valuable space on a CV by replacing long URLs for online content, thus maintaining a clean and uncluttered resume layout.


It adds an interactive element to your CV, engaging the reader and setting you apart from other candidates.


It increases efficiency in the job application process, as hiring managers can quickly scan the code without typing or remembering URLs.


Demonstrates your comfort with modern technology and innovation, which is particularly beneficial if you’re applying for roles in tech-savvy industries.


You can update the information the QR code links to without reissuing your CV, ensuring potential employers can always access your latest work.

Personal Branding

It provides an opportunity for personal branding, allowing you to link to a unique website or project that conveys your professional image and identity.

How To Use QR Code On CV?

How To Use QR Code On CV?

To use a QR code on your CV effectively, follow these steps:

Decide What It Should Link To 

Your QR code could go to your online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or a digital copy of your CV.

Create the QR Code 

Find a free QR code generator online, input the link you want to use, and customise the QR code’s look.

Test It Out 

Make sure your QR code works by scanning it with different devices to ensure it takes you to the correct website.

Place It on Your CV

Add the QR code to a clear spot on your CV, like the top corner, and keep it small (around an inch square).

Explain the QR Code 

Write a brief note near it, like “Scan to see my LinkedIn profile,” so people know what it’s for.

Keep Your CV Tidy 

Ensure your CV remains professional and the QR code doesn’t mess up the layout.

Have an ATS-Ready Version 

If you’re submitting your CV through an online system, have a version without the QR code because these systems can’t read images.

Regularly Update Your Links

Ensure the information you’re linking to with your QR code is always current.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a barcode for my CV?

To use a barcode on a CV, although uncommon, generate it online by inputting your contact information or website URL, then download and add the image to your CV.

How do I get my QR code?

To create a QR code for your CV

  • Find a reliable QR code generator online.
  • Select the link destination, like your LinkedIn profile or personal site.
  • Input the URL into the generator.
  • Personalise the code’s design if possible.
  • Download and insert the QR code into your CV.

What happens if I scan a QR code?

Scanning the QR code on your CV directs the person to the content you’ve linked, such as a web page or document. They’ll need a smartphone or tablet with a QR scanning-capable camera.

Is a QR code safer than a barcode?

QR codes are typically considered safer than barcodes because they can store more data, including encryption, which makes them harder to replicate for fraudulent purposes. They also facilitate quick redirects to online content, which can be secured with HTTPS.

Is putting QR on CV ATS friendly?

QR codes are images and cannot be read by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Ensure all essential information in the QR code is also in the text on the CV for ATS parsing. Some ATS may reject CVs with images; it’s advisable to understand the company’s system or provide a text-only CV version.

How to access QR code on CV?

To access a QR code on a CV

  • Open your phone’s camera app.
  • Point it at the QR code.
  • Click the pop-up notification to open the linked content.

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