Software Tester CV Example

If you enjoy IT and ensuring that new software works then this could be a good role to have. You will need to think and work through issues methodically and accurately as testing is a vital part of the process to ensure that the software works and any bugs are fixed prior to it being unleashed on the public or a company if it is software for an in house program.  You will need to have a patient and problem solving nature to do this role calmly! If you are looking to see an example CV, please see the below example:

CV Example: Software Tester

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I am an organized person who likes to be very organized in my work ensuring that work gets done accurately and efficiently. My career in IT began many years ago and I thoroughly enjoy testing software that has been written to ensure that it works like the owner wanted it to and is something they take pride in when using in their business.

I am a confident communicator who enjoys learning new skills and trying new ways of improving business developments. I work well as part of a team and individually and I am self motivated to ensure that I always get my work done effectively.


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Date to Date or To Date – Software Tester – Where?

In my role as Software Tester, it is my responsibility to ensure that all new software is tested and that any bugs are resolved prior to a go-live date.   My responsibilities for this include:

  • Go through the software that has been written in detail and in as many ways as possible
  • Thorough testing of all the parts of the software
  • Ensure that the software works as the designer intended it to as per the briefs
  • Draw up any comparisons about other similar software on the market, does it work better?
  • Make a note of any problems and suggest improvements on how this could be corrected
  • Try to find a solution to what is causing the problem(s)
  • Try to recreate the problem, recording the steps you took along the way
  • Check accessibility options of the software, to think like a end-user as well as any spelling issues, copyright issues and instructions that go with the software
  • Work to strict deadlines at all times.
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Software Tester CV Example

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