Best Cover Letter Layout

What is the best cover letter layout? Writing a good covering letter is very important for job seekers to secure an interview.

Writing a covering letter for a job application should be a serious job. Cover letters are not dead and still in use heavily by both sides, recruiters and job seekers. Make sure that you did a great deal of research about the job you are applying for and the industry of the company that you are hoping to be one of their employees.

It’s ok to review example cover letter formats and layouts however you should be unique and don’t use any copy pasted letter for your job application.

Best Cover Letter Layout

Your Name
1st Line of Address
2nd Line of Address

Recruiting Manager’s Name
Company Name
1st Line of Address
2nd Line of Address


Dear (Name)

Introductory paragraph: Mention the job title and make it clear why you are applying for the post. If you know someone in the company, state this here and try to incorporate something unique about you.

Second paragraph: Take the opportunity to showcase your qualifications and experience. Be specific about the biggest responsibilities you have taken on and relate these to the requirements mentioned in the advertisement. Be as specific as you can without making the paragraph lengthy or dry.

Third paragraph: Ensure that you cover your people skills. Commonly required competencies are communications skills, problem solving, team working and planning. Again, relate the most important competencies that you can highlight with the role and how this makes you an ideal candidate.

Fourth paragraph: State how keen you are to attend for interview and repeat your contact details at the end. If the post is a senior one, you may wish to state your intention to contact the recruiting manager for an informal discussion. Always end the letter by thanking him/her for taking the time to consider your application.

Yours sincerely


Cover Letter Layout Examples

best cover letter layout

Best Cover Letter Layout

Good luck.

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