Social Worker Cover Letter Example

The social Worker cover letter example is free and completely unique which can be used for your job application.
You should amend this letter example as suitable and apply for job vacancies. Here is your Social Worker cover letter example: Ms Jane Brown 101 Any Road Every Town XX1 1YY Mr John Smith ABC Company All Streets Any Town AA1 1ZZ (Date) Dear Mr Smith I am very keen to apply for the post of Social Worker that was recently advertised on XYZ website and enclose my CV for your consideration. I am a fully qualified social worker with 10 years of experience in DEF City Council’s social work department. My experience involves the successful management of a demanding caseload that has included elderly people and people who have learning disabilities and/or mental health issues. I have the ability to deal with what can be difficult and emotional issues in a calm and practical manner by finding out what is really important to the client’s needs. My ability to communicate and reach agreements with other agencies, such as primary care practices and psychology services, is first class and I have a team approach to establishing what is best for each individual. I am used to working unsocial hours, including evenings and weekends. I would like to discuss my application further with you and welcome the opportunity to attend for interview. I shall contact you within the next few days to check if having an informal discussion about the post is possible. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Jane Brown
Social Worker Cover Letter Example
Social Worker Cover Letter Example
Download Social Worker cover letter example in PDF. Download Social Worker cover letter example in PDF.

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