Jonathan Brookes

Hello. I’m Jonathan Brookes, an accomplished career coach with a specialisation in overseas employment. I’ve helped individuals achieve their professional goals and seamlessly navigate the complexities of working abroad.

My Qualification

I did a master's in international relations from Cambridge, where I developed a deeper understanding of global business practices and emerging cultural dynamics. Additionally, my certification from the ICF (UK chapter) as a certified career coach helps me participate in conferences and workshops on professional development (CIPD, World of Learning Conference) to stay abreast of emerging industry trends and best practices.

My Expertise

With over 15 years in career coaching that have honed my skills, I guide individuals through the complexities of overseas employment. I identify career goals, develop effective job search strategies and prepare clients to embrace cultural differences and workplace challenges in this global world.

My Experience

My clients come from diverse backgrounds and industries, from recent graduates seeking their first international role to seasoned professionals looking to transition into new markets. My interventions have helped individuals secure employment in various disciplines, including finance, healthcare, engineering and education.

My Projects

I’ve led several projects focused on helping individuals and organisations (Allcott Commercial, Ramsay, Prudential plc) navigate the complexities of global employment. This includes developing training programmes, organising cultural immersion experiences for students and professionals and delivering workshops and presentations on uncommon topics related to overseas employment.

My Publications


My experience has made me a trusted advisor for individuals seeking overseas employment and firms keen to expand. Embracing cultural dynamics and global business practices helps my clients achieve their professional goals in a time-bound manner.