Job Vacancy with Salary Requirements Cover Letter

Cover letter with salary requirements. You can use this covering letter for your job applications with salary requirements.

Here is your example and don’t forget to amend it as suitable before sending it for job vacancies.

Mrs Janine Brown
1 The House
Something Street

AB12 3ZY
Mrs H Stanley
ABA Services
22 The Square


Dear Mrs Stanley

I am writing to express my interest in the (position) vacancy within your company that is advertised with XYZ People Resourcing.

I am a highly qualified (who are you?) with a passion for (field of expertise) and I think I would be incredibly suitable for this new position. It is a small step up from my current job, and I believe I am more than capable of carrying out this role effortlessly.

Aside from my formal qualifications, I have a very organised way of working, as well as outstanding communication skills, and an excellent work ethic. I always seek to broaden my knowledge and regularly partake in activities where I find relevant to my progression. My skills and qualifications are detailed further in the attached copy of my CV for your perusal at your earliest convenience.

With regards to salary, I would expect between £xxxxx and £xxxxxx per annum, which is consistent with the market equivalents for such a role.

Should you wish to interview me, I can be available within just a few days and I can provide references at the time of interview if they will be required. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards

Janine Brown

Salary Requirements Cover Letter

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