Service Desk Analyst Cover Letter Example

Use this cover letter example for Service Desk Analyst job applications.

Cover Letter Example – Service Desk Analyst

Jane Doe
1 High Street
Small Town
[email protected]

Mrs Brown
Recruitment Manager
ABC Technologies
Riverside Business Park
Big City, AB12 3CD

Dear Mrs Brown:

Thank you for the information you gave me from the telephone conversation we had earlier this week. Following up from that, I write to you today regarding the service desk analyst position with ABC Technologies, as seen in the News Post. As I mentioned, I believe that my background in IT and my passion for providing optimum customer care will allow me to be a top choice to fill the vacancy.

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My first job was in a local corner shop to gain experience of the working world as well as to support my hobbies outside of school. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed the customer interaction side of my job. I had an excellent rapport with a large percentage of the local customers and got to know so many of them. Combining this with my education in IT, I left this job to work as a service desk analyst at HP. Here, it was my job to provide various types of support, from remote help to ordering replacements or arranging repairs, preparing me to be the perfect candidate to fill the gap at your company.

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If you wish to have a further discussion after perusing my CV, or schedule an interview, please contact me at 07770707070. I look forward to meeting you to further discuss employment opportunities with ABC Technologies.


Jane Doe

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service desk analyst cover letter

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