Andrew Osborne

Andrew Osborne

Hi there. I’m  Andrew Osborne, a seasoned IT career coach who guides and supports those aspiring to build and fortify their IT careers. My strong background in software engineering and know-how of the emerging needs in the IT recruiting sector has brought me success.

My Qualification

I did a BA in Computer Science from Oxford and attained professional certifications as a certified career coach (CDI) and a certified professional in Learning and Development (CIPD).

My Expertise

As a career coach, I have expertise in career planning, learning and development, job search strategies, interview preparation and professional networking. I’m aware of the latest trends and technologies in IT and have a keen understanding of how individuals need to position themselves for success.

My Experience

I’ve worked for over 14 years as a software engineer, both in the UK and internationally. In IT, I’ve worked on large-scale enterprise systems to mobile apps and have expertise in several programming and scripting languages (Python, JavaScript) and OS platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows 10). As a career coach, my work with several clients (Intuit, Amido) has helped them implement better recruitment strategies and develop their recruitment policies and IT skills. The journey continues.

My Projects

I’ve developed a cloud-based enterprise system for financial institutions (Volvo Financial Services, WisdomTree UK) and created a mobile app for a leading biotechnology (Alnylam UK) firm. As a career coach, I’ve helped individuals to land their dream jobs, secure promotions and build successful careers in the IT industry.

My Publications


My expertise and experience have made me a respected IT career coach. My IT background helps me a lot. I’m committed to helping clients plan and build successful careers and businesses.