Laboratory Assistant Cover Letter Example

Use this cover letter example for Laboratory Assistant job applications.

Cover Letter Example – Laboratory Assistant

Jane Doe
1 High Street
Small Town
[email protected]

Mr Brown
Laboratory Manager
ABC Healthcare
Riverside Business Park
Big City, AB12 3CD
Dear Mr Brown:

Following up from our telephone call last week, I am writing to you today regarding the open laboratry assistant position with ABC Healthcare, as advertised on your website. I firmly believe that my background in laboratory services and my degree in Biology will allow me to be a brilliant candidate to fill your vacancy.

My passion for laboratory work began back at university where we were required to do 1-2 two-hour laboratory practical sessions each week depending on our module. I knew then that my career would involve me sitting behind a microscope. I took work at a local private laboratory to get experience and see if I enjoyed it, and later progressed to Inner City Hospital, where I worked underneath the biological scientists, processing human tissue samples and reporting findings so the scientists or doctors within the hospital could diagnose disease.

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If you wish to have a further discussion after perusing my CV or schedule an interview, please contact me at 07770707070. I look forward to meeting you to further discuss laboratory assistant employment opportunities with ABC Healthcare.


Jane Doe

Enclosure: CV

laboratory assistant cover letter

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