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CV Example – Biomedical Scientist

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About Me

A science-mad, intelligent individual with a passion microbiology and ‘the unseen world’ of cytology, seeking employment as a Biomedical Scientist.


Northumbria University

June 2009 Biomedical Science BSc
Graduated with 1st Class Honours
Studied optional modules in haematology
Discovered a fascination with the study of cytology


Inner City Hospital
| Riverside Business Park, Big City

Biomedical Scientist August 2009 – Present

Working as part of the laboratory team in the large Inner City Hospital, it was my job to analyse blood samples and tissue from the oncology department to assist in the diagnosis and staging of cancer. I worked in a small department of close-knit people and it was a wonderful dynamic team who taught me the value and importance of teamwork. Reporting was also a large part of my work, which I did quickly, accurately, and effectively.
ABC Healthcare | 1 High Street, Newcastle

Laboratory Assistant January 2007– August 2009

Worked here to gain experience in the laboratory environment and to support my studies at university. Duties included working with biomedical scientists in a small private lab analysing forensic evidence for police, disposing of hazardous waste, preserving evidence in preparation for court cases, and clerical work for biomedical scientists.


Competent and comfortable in a high pressure, fast paced environment.
Fast learner
Motivated and proactive
Excellent working as part of a team.

Available upon request

biomedical scientist cv example

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