Mutual Resignation Letter Example

If you have spent time talking to your Manager about your role and the fact that you both agree that now is the time to be handing your notice in then, this letter

is merely a formality which always needs to be done.

A mutual agreement towards a resignation can be for a number of reasons from the job just doesn’t suit you to its just the right time to move on but by writing your resignation letter following discussions with your Manager, makes it a lot easier to write because you have a valid reason for leaving that your Manager is already fully aware of.

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Please see the below example resignation letter that you can use as a guide when writing yours.

Mutual Resignation Letter Example


Your Name

222 Every Road, Any Town, AA1 1BB

Mrs Jane Smith
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town


Dear Sir/Madam,

Resignation from the position of XXXXX

Further to our conversations, I would like you to formally accept my resignation from the position of XXXX.

Through our recent discussions, we came to the mutual agreement that resigning from my role is the best thing to do at this time and from our discussions you agree with this.

I therefore give you one months notice in accordance with my contact of employment. My last working day will be DATE (work this out usually on the last day of the week that you work one month on).
I would like to thank you for providing me with the experiences that you have, I am very grateful and I wish everyone the best for the future with COMPANY NAME.

Please could you forward my P45 and any outstanding monies including holiday pay to ADDRESS or contact details. Should you need any information from me, please do not hesitate to ask me.

On my last working day I will return any company property including my pass and keys.

Again thank you for the opportunity you have given me.

Yours sincerely


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