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John Lewis jobs are some of the most exciting careers in the retail sector of the economy in the UK. The company stores operate across the United Kingdom and are the largest department store company in the country with 34 stores as well as the supermarket group Waitrose, which has nearly 332 branches across The UK. Working within the group is somewhat different from any other retailer in Britain because of the way that the company is structured.

Starting in 1864, the company was originally a draper that was located on busy Oxford Street in the heart of London. In 1929, the Partnership was born. This innovative way of making the employees a real part of the profits of the company was launched by Spedan Lewis. The structure of the company has not changed since that time and it is one of the reasons that it is a retail giant today. With over 83,000 (2022) partners in the business, John Lewis is going from strength to strength based on its commitment to its employees/partners and the loyalty and innovation that they receive in return. All of the employees have a stake in the way that the company is run because they have ownership of the stores.

The partnership is one reason why are so popular and sought after in the industry.  Each employee is completely immersed in the running of the business and they receive a portion of the profits at the end of each year. With the profit partnership offering returns of between 15 and 18 per cent yearly, it is one of the reasons that everyone wants to work for the company.


John Lewis careers offer so much more than competitive salaries and a great bonus structure. Careers are what count in this group, and the entire company is geared towards ensuring that everyone who takes one of the coveted jobs is a part of the busy and vibrant family. There are varied jobs within the stores that are opening all of the time, and it is a measure of the success and commitment to their employees that this great company has one of the best equal opportunity employment programmes in the world. The positions are about excellence, not simply choosing people who have the right qualifications and experience. Many of the executives started as casual employees when they were teenagers, which speaks volumes about the level of commitment toward their employees.


Working in this group gives people the chance to prove themselves, and considering that everyone is a partner in the company, the employees are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance as well as the performance of the company as a whole. The management is always ready to listen to employees who are innovative and creative.

  • Apprenticeships
  • Catering
  • Chefs
  • Christmas Jobs
  • Contact Centres
  • Customer Delivery Drivers
  • Distribution and Warehouse
  • Herbert Parkinson
  • Home Services
  • Industrial Placements
  • International Opportunities
  • LGV Driving
  • Management
  • Replenishment (Stock Management)
  • Selling Assistants
  • Selling Support
  • Team Manager


The benefits that working for this giant offer each employee are the substantial discounts on all items that are part of the John Lewis range as well as the supermarket division of Waitrose with savings of up to 25%. The left structure is also highly competitive compared with other retailers and after three years of employment and each employee becomes entitled to at least 5 weeks of paid leave per annum. The company pays pension and life insurance and there are other incentives and rewards schemes that offer great deals for each one of the employees. Health insurance is another aspect of the benefits that is a massive plus for all employees and their families.

Management Roles

The management programme is offered for graduates who have excellent academic results in their degree course and the rapid acceleration programme means that employees are able to reach a departmental management level within a year of starting. This is the way to attract quality staff that turn into loyal employees.


Distribution and logistics are the key divisions. The company has a commitment to delivering the goods to where they need to be. Warehouse management is a skilled niche area of the retail sector where stock control and distribution are everything. Most of the positions are in the retail side of the business and as such, it is common to be promoted from within. This is another way of rewarding employee loyalty. While many other companies and businesses complain that employees do not stay with the company for more than five years, which is not a factor at this exciting company.

How to apply

You can no longer apply for a job via printed application forms and CVs. It’s much easier to submit applications online. All you need to visit and start applying for the roles that are suitable for yourself.

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