Morrisons Job Application

Morrisons jobs information – If you are planning on applying for Morrison’s job vacancies then you should take the following information on board before submitting your form or sending in your CV. 

Overview and History

Morrisons is the fourth biggest supermarket chain in the UK. It was founded back in 1899 by William Morrison (which is why you will still see the company name written as Wm Morrison) in Rawson Market in Bradford. Originally the stall just sold eggs and butter however in 1958, William Morrison’s son, Ken, moved into a small shop in Bradford city centre. This was the first self-service store that Bradford had seen and it came with individually-priced items and 3 different checkout points.

Nowadays, Morrisons has about 497 stores around the UK. The company trades on the stock exchange (LSE: MRW) however the Morrison family have retained just over 15% of the shares.

Around 110,000 people work for Morrisons and the chain serves millions of customers a week. Financial information – Morrisons’ turnover in 2021 was £17.6bn upon which they made an operating income of £904m and a net profit of £632m (3.8%).

Morrisons recruitment

Recruitment criteria – Your job application needs to address what Morrisons say that they are looking for. The website says you should be:

“Skill, commitment, a one-team and a can-do approach”

“Front-line, passionate about retailing, focused on customer service and committed”


  • Holidays – Up to 29 days a year (inclusive of Bank Holidays)
  • Staff Discount – All employees get a discount card which gets them 10% off their purchases and a second card to give to a family member or friend.
  • Service Award – A financial reward payable every year after completion of 5 years of service.
  • Pension Scheme – Independent contributory pension plan.
  • Share Save Scheme – An officially-recognised scheme for buying Morrison’s shares directly from your salary (after 3 years of service and subject to post eligibility)
  • Profit Share – Annual profit share payment (provided the post is eligible).

In-store Roles

Retail Operations

To see if there are any suitable vacancies for you, visit the Morrisons website and follow the jobs link. You can delve into any of the areas listed above to see if any vacancies exist that are open for application. From here you can apply online, completing a short application form. You also need to ensure your CV is up to date and well laid out because as part of your application you MUST upload a copy. Never submit the form without this, as your application will simply be rejected.


Morrisons Head Office Logistics Vacancies

Morrisons controls all logistics from one central base in Wakefield, West Yorkshire which is less than 30 minutes drive from the main Head Office at Bradford. This base is connected to five other distribution centres across the UK, based in Gadbrook, Northampton, Sittingbourne, Stockton and Wakefield. It is the responsibility of these centres to ensure all stores are stocked with products at the right time and manner.

To apply for a job at any of these centres please refer to the jobs section on the Morrisons website.

Morrisons Manufacturing Job Vacancies

As a sign of their commitment to food retailing Morrisons are now the 5th largest food manufacturer in the UK. This allows them to make and supply fresh food at incredibly competitive prices and they can be highly reactive to the needs of their customers without being totally dependent upon their suppliers.

Food manufacturing vacancies exist right across the country within dedicated bakeries, abattoirs and fresh food factories, all owned and operated by Morrisons. Some vacancies may be advertised at a local level, in newspapers or with a Job Centre. However, all are advertised on the Morrisons website.

Morrisons New Store Roles

Whenever a new Morrisons store is built there is a high level of recruitment activity prior to the opening date. If there is a new store being built close to you are you would like to find out what vacancies are still open for application then you should go to the jobs section on the Morrisons website, following the link to “New Store Vacancies”. Positions are listed here and you can download an application form or call the advertised recruitment telephone number. As soon as you are aware of a new planned store you should start looking at this website – leave it too late and many of the positions will have been filled.

Why work at Morrisons?

If you are looking for a career with a UK retail success story then consider Morrisons. From humble beginnings as a market stall in Bradford, Morrisons are now the 4th largest food retailer in the UK with plans for expansion and further growth within the food retail sector.

Morrisons stores welcome around nine million customers through the doors of 383 stores each week, and to cope with such staggering demand requires an army of staff. Morrisons are therefore a major employer in the UK and always has job vacancies for positions at store and head office level.

Morrisons has taken a different approach to retail that the other “big three”, Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys. Whilst their competitors are busy developing a new home and soft furnishings, clothing and electronics ranges, Morrisons are ploughing their efforts into their core business – food. It is a strategy that appears to be working, as Morrisons has seen profits increase and market share growth. With accolades such as Retailer of the Year being awarded in 2020, it is certainly an exciting time to be an employee with a company like Morrisons.

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