Healthcare Assistant CV Example

Healthcare Assistant: There are a variety of places a Healthcare Assistant can work with patients including hospitals, residential units or in the patient’s home.

The main duties of a healthcare assistant are to support a patient’s day to day personal care such as washing, dressing and assistance with drinking and eating at meal times. Healthcare Assistants usually work alongside Nurses and are supervised and given guidance from Nurses.

Healthcare Assistant CV Example

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile / Email

Personal Profile

A caring, friendly and approachable Healthcare Assistant with 5 years experience on a hospital ward and residential unit for adults with learning disabilities. Trained and experienced in providing excellent personal care with respect, understanding and by maintaining dignity at all time. Has a great deal of tact and sensitivity in approach to working with people that require support and help in their day to day care. Just like you need to highlight your expertise which you can find out from the support worker CV example to help you get the job you are looking for.

Employment History

Company Name: XXX Date to Date (or To Date) Healthcare Assistant

Responsible for providing support and help to the patients on Charity Ward at the Princess Diana Hospital. Responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of the ward at all time.

  • Helping and supporting the patients with their personal care routines (washing and dressing)
  • Preparing and serving meals and assisting those patients that need additional help with drinking and eating
  • Domestic duties including, changing and making beds, laundry, ironing and cleaning etc.
  • Keeping detailed and daily records on the patient’s care plan (behaviour, moods, medication, incidents etc.)
  • Taking and recording observations such as temperature, pulse and breathing – applicable if based on a hospital ward
  • Accountable for keeping suppliers, medication and equipment in order and in compliance with hospital procedures


School Name: GCSEs or equivalent Maths, English Language & Literature, Health & Social Care, Science and Psychology.
College Name: NVQ Diploma in Health & Social Care level 2 & 3


Clinical hygiene – (Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support or Healthcare Support & Services Level 3)
Health & Safety
Safe Lifting and moving of patients – Manual Handling skills

Key Skills

Caring attitude and approachable nature
Understanding, respectful and patient approach to working with people
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to work efficiently in a busy and pressurised environment
Flexible and adaptable approach to working various shift patterns
Ability to take instructions and follow procedures

healthcare assistant cv example

Healthcare Assistant CV Example

The above example gives an idea of a health care assistant CV. Let’s now discuss the important tips for writing a healthcare assistant CV.

Tips To Write Health Care Assistant CV

Tips To Write Health Care Assistant CV

Before you start composing a healthcare assistant CV, you must know the basic structure of the CV. Health care assistant CV is also not different. Properly emphasize your strengths and skills. This way, future health care assistants in the UK can easily impress hiring managers.   

To support patients as a healthcare assistant, you must carefully craft your health care assistant CV. It must convince employers you have relevant qualifications, interpersonal skills, and administering medication knowledge.

Your health care assistant CV must present the required key skills to get the job interview. Here are three important tips to compose a job-winning health care assistant CV.

1. Compose Health Care Assistant CV According To Your Experience

Your health care assistance experience and relevant skills will help you to craft your CV. If you have performed a healthcare assistant role in the past, then add your “Work Experience” section just below the “Personal Statement.”

In case you don’t have experience as a health care assistant or caregiver, then present your skills and education sections on the first page. This type of health care assistant CV layout is known as a skill-based CV. Explore more on care worker CV.

In the skills section, demonstrate essential skills as shown in the healthcare assistant CV example above. Your skills section must feature the following:

  • Your job and transferable skills as headers.
  • Few bullet points describing each skill briefly.
  • Examples of how you used your skills in the past. If possible, you can also include a hard number in your care assistant CV.

Here are NHS healthcare assistant CV examples to understand how to present the skill section. 

Old Home Pensioner Caretaker

  • Main caregiver for old home grandfather four days a week. Duties included maintaining health and safety standards.
  • Feeding meals, picking up and delivering medicine prescriptions, and monitoring proper doses.
  • Following physicians’ instructions and providing emotional support to elders. 

2. Highlight Relevant Details, Health Care Skills, and Experience

Your health care assistant CV should feature the information according to the job advertisements. It is shown in the care assistant CV example above. That means you must present your experience, skills, and other information per the job description.

So, if your hiring manager prefers your patient care experience in NHS hospitals, give priority to those experiences in your CV. Even if you like to boast about your achievements in GP surgery or as a personal caregiver, the recruiter would only want to know your NHS hospital’s work experience.

Medical employer generally uses ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to filter CVs based on keywords from the job description. That’s why include skills matching the job title and description.

Include contact details in bold and at the top of the CV. Also, provide education history in reverse chronological order as shown in the assistant CV example above.  

Below you will find care assistant CV examples to know how to use hard skills and soft skills in the care worker CV. This way, you will surely impress hiring managers with your CV for care assistant.

  • Demonstrate experience in handling medical equipment.
  • Show you are empathetic for people.
  • Demonstrate physical strength.
  • Highlight interpersonal skills.
  • List down health care certifications.

3. Compose Your Personal Statement in Last

The first two sections of your carer CV contain your name and contact details. That you have already seen in the support worker CV sample given above. After that, you can include a personal statement of care assistant information.

Then you can include a few statements or bullet points that demonstrate you got the relevant skills. Usually, employers go through the first section to make it more marketable.

CV assist medical employers in knowing about you. Your health care assistant personal statement should grab the attention of the hiring manager. In the following sections, you can provide details about your educational background and other soft skills.

That’s why a CV for a care worker must have a strong and engaging personal statement. You can follow any care assistant CV template. But, highlight the personal statement care worker section to impress employers.

Below you will find the healthcare assistant personal statement examples.

Affectionate, caring, and resourceful person with more than three years of experience in the field. Like helping people with grooming, managing meal timings, making people move around, helping personally, and monitoring their medical conditions. My plus points are my strong communication, observation power, organizational skills, and ability to resolve issues.  

Why Health Care Assistant is a Lucrative Job in the UK Nowadays?

Why Health Care Assistant is a Lucrative Job in the UK Nowadays?

The empathetic person will love the healthcare jobs in the UK. Moreover, the jobs are lucrative, fulfilling, and rewarding. The best part is if you submit a CV or resume for a care assistant with no experience, you still have a chance to work as a health care assistant.

However, you must present an engaging and interesting CV to grab the job. You can also review the sample CV for care assistants with no experience. Also, go through the health care assistant personal statement examples given above.

People like working as healthcare assistants as it offers flexible working timings. Moreover, the experience of helping others in the community itself is satisfying. The health care job is secure, and you will always be guaranteed pay levels.

The healthcare industry offers amazing opportunities to grow and establish yourself in the field. All these reasons make it a lucrative job in the UK.

You can follow any care assistant job description template or take help of CV writing services. But make it engaging and impressive to get the dream job.

How to Get Healthcare Assistant Jobs in the UK?

If you have a care assistant CV with no experience or a personal statement without experience. That will also get you a job in the industry. It’s because there are no specified entry rules and regulations.

UK medical employers demand good literacy and numeracy. They can even ask you about your relevant experience in the health care field. But, if you are empathetic, have a positive attitude, and caring, you will surely secure your position in the healthcare industry.

If you are composing care assistant duties CV, highlight your relevant experience and skills. You can also go through the example given above with care assistant CV with no experience.

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The UK government always focuses on the healthcare industry to provide healthy and secure life to the citizens. In 2018 the UK government spent £214.4 billion, which equals £3,227 per person. Currently, total healthcare expenditure in the UK reported around 10.0% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, compared with 9.8% in 2017 and 6.9% in 1997.

The industry is offering lucrative positions to healthcare workers. We hope the carers’ CV example in this blog helps you craft one. If you need personalized help, contact our experts.

Likewise, if you are looking for a job that deals with care to seniors, the care assistant cover letter will be a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the skills required for healthcare assistant jobs?

Healthcare Assistant is a lucrative and satisfying job in the UK. If you are caring, kind, friendly, and cheerful, it’s the perfect opportunity for you. You must help older people, grandfathers, and mothers and be willing to take care of their personal tasks. Moreover, you must follow the given instructions and possess the ability to work as a team.

2. How much health care staffs earn in the UK in 2022?

You will not believe it, but healthcare workers earn a handsome salary in the UK. The average healthcare workers earn around £23,017 per year in the UK. Besides that, many care workers earn £11.80 per hour. The entry positions get around £21,450 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £29,309 per year. Just seek the care worker CV example.

3. How shall I write a CV for a healthcare assistant?

Write all the details of your professional profile in a summary. Add your courses, key responsibilities, and achievements. Don’t forget to add your core skills where you use healthcare keywords. 

4. What does a health care assistant put on a CV?

Qualifications in healthcare are a considerable benefit, and experience in care or healthcare is essential. A healthcare assistant’s CV should demonstrate your abilities to excel in the position. A personal statement, employment history, education history, talents, and contact information should all be included.

5. How do I write a CV for a healthcare assistant without experience?

Writing a resume without any formal work experience requires highlighting other facets of your life that will highlight your abilities and interests, such as your schooling and participation in extracurricular or volunteer activities.

6. What skills are needed for healthcare assistants?

The core skills of a healthcare assistant are:

A caring and responsible attitude

Sensitivity and Sympathy toward the patient’s dignity 

Patience and tact

Communication skills

Practical skills

7. What roles should be on a nursing assistant’s CV?

Some roles of nursing assistants in the CV should be:

Help senior nurses with tasks such as responding to calls, 

Conveying messages, 

Writing down doctor orders and arranging patients’ medical histories. Becoming emotional support to patients and their families to generate a pleasant care atmosphere.

8. How should I write in my CV?

Salutations and greetings should come first. Next, introduce yourself, describe your employment role, and further detail your job skills. Write a strong CTC and thank you note to close your letter. 

9. How can I make my CV as a fresher healthcare assistant?

You should include your personal and educational information as a fresher healthcare assistant in your CV. You should focus on skills that reflect your job role. You can also add internships or college courses that you have taken part in. 

10. What are professional skills?

Professional skills are communication skills that will help you to work in your workplace.

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