Support Worker CV Examples & Templates: Writing Tips & Guide For 2024

Support workers help individuals with learning & physical disabilities, mental health or complex health needs to live on their own terms.

Applying for the role of support worker but not getting the one? You must create a compelling support worker CV. In this guide, we have some support worker CV examples that will help you to stand out.

Support Worker CV Examples

Support Worker CV Examples

Support Worker CV Example No Experience

This is a support worker CV example for people with no experience

Assistant Care Support Worker CV Example

This is an assistance care support worker CV example

Mental Health Support Worker CV Example

This is a mental health support worker CV example

Family Support Worker CV Example

This is a family support worker CV example

Care Worker CV Example

This is a care worker CV example

Senior Support Worker CV Personal Profile Example

This is a personal profile example for senior support worker you can add in the CV

Mental Health Support Worker CV Personal Profile Example

This is a personal profile example for mental health support worker you can add in the CV

Senior Support Worker – Work Experience Example

This is a work experience example for senior support worker

Personal Support Worker – Work Experience Example

This is a work experience example for personal support worker

Junior Personal Support Worker- Work Experience Example

This is a work experience example for junior personal support worker

What Should I Include In A Support Worker’s CV?

A support worker’s CV  should include the following:

  • Contact details: Include name, phone number and email address
  • Personal statement: A short paragraph that highlights your achievements and qualifications for the role
  • Work history: Starting with your most recent position, list your relevant experience, such as personal care, emotional support
  • Responsibilities: Write your responsibilities for each role
  • Skills: Include skills  relevant to the role
  • Education and qualifications: List any relevant educational pursuits and training, such as health and safety certifications

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Top Tips To Follow To Write A Support Worker CV

Here are some amazing tips for creating a good CV  that will pass ATS(Application Tracking Systems) and grab the recruit’s attention. Remember to tailor your CV, including relevant keywords.

The image mentions some tips one should keep in mind when writing a support worker CV

Use The Right Format

Following proper format and structure is essential when creating a support worker CV. Therefore, it is advisable to use chronological order. Furthermore, hiring managers prefer this format as it emphasises your relevant experience. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Put your recent job or qualifications at the top. It makes the CV easier to read.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts like Arial, Calibri, and Helvetica  with 11-12-point
  • Try to keep the CV short.

Include Your Contact Details 

Make sure to provide your contact details. So the hiring managers can contact you to discuss the next step. However, remember to mention your phone number, email address, and postal address. 

Add Personal Statement Of A Support Worker

Your profile is essential in the support worker’s CV. However, it should be at the beginning of the CV as it acts as an introduction. In addition, this is where you can convince the hiring managers. Moreover, read the job description before creating the CV. Write around 3-4 sentences and ensure your profile fits the role. Mention certain things like:

  • About yourself
  • As a support worker, what you can contribute 
  • What are your career goals?

If you have work experience, mention what skills and abilities. Therefore, try to convince the recruiter why you are the perfect candidate.

Write Your Experiences

Mention all your work experiences with a description of your responsibilities. In addition, if you have any gap in your career, mention it. However, if you are applying as a fresher, even some of the skills can also help shape you into a good support worker. While creating the CV, follow the below points:

  • Mention your previous jobs, including the start and end date. In addition, if you are still working, use “presently working.”
  • Mention the job title, your duties, and achievements for each role. Therefore, you can also use words like achieved or accomplished so the recruiters notice it. 
  • Remember, you can’t write a CV that is more than two pages long. So, try to keep it short and to the point when writing the job roles. 

Include Education And Qualifications

Hiring managers also look for your education and qualifications as part of your support worker CV. So, make a section and mention the following:

  • Your University’s name, degree, grades, and the year you passed 
  • When mentioning school education, include the school name and the grades you achieved. Generally, recruiters look for Maths and English grades as a minimum requirement when applying for support workers. 
  • If you have any specialist qualifications, you can mention them as well.

Show Off Your Skills

You need to have some skills when applying for the support worker position. 

  • Create a list of support worker skills that employers are looking for. In short, mention the skills that are suited for the role.
  • Try to mix your soft skills, hard skills, and technical skills
  • For each skill, add a short sentence to demonstrate it.

Don’t just mention your professional skills. In addition, combining some personal skills can also help you make the CV attractive. 

Additional Skills

  • The above sections are important, but you can also add an extra section like:
  • Language section and the ability to speak a foreign language 
  • You can also add projects, achievements, hobbies, or awards. Furthermore, make sure it is relevant to the job role.

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Essential Support Worker Skills 


In conclusion, make a support worker CV  that will help you land an interview. It should be structured properly so it grabs the hiring manager’s attention. However, tailor your CV for each role and make sure they read further. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in a support worker’s CV?

Include the following points in the CV:

  • contact details
  • personal statement
  • work history
  • skills 
  • education
  • Qualifications

Should I include references in a support worker’s CV?

There is no hard and fast rule for including the reference details. Therefore, it depends if the employer asks you to write it. However, referees are the people who know you in a professional or educational setting. 

What are the support worker’s responsibilities?

Support workers provide practical and emotional support to the individuals. However, their responsibilities depend on the needs of each client but may include:

  • Practical support
  • Emotional support
  • Medical support
  • Problem-solving
  • Community support
  • Communication

What are the top qualities of a support worker?

A support worker should have:

  • Organisational skills
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Understand and follow policies and procedures

How should I format my support worker’s CV?

Follow the following format when crafting a support worker CV:

  • Put your most recent job or qualification first
  • Use a clear and easy-to-read font
  • Keep it as short as possible

What questions are asked in a support worker interview?

Support worker interview questions can cover experience, skills, and personality. Furthermore, it may also include behavioural questions.

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