Freddie Atkins

Hello there. I, Freddie Atkins, work as a recruitment manager for the healthcare industry. With over 12 years of experience in the UK healthcare sector, I’ve developed a strong understanding of the industry and a strong network of contacts.

My Qualification

I did a BSc in Human Resources from the University of Manchester and a PGD in Healthcare Management from the University of Sheffield. I’m also a certified (CIPD) recruiter, having completed extensive training in recruitment strategies and techniques.

My Expertise

I’m into recruitment and talent acquisition, particularly for the healthcare sector. My thorough understanding of the skills and qualifications required for various healthcare roles and a proven track record identifying and attracting top talent keep me busy and motivated. I have strong experience in candidate assessment, candidate onboarding and developing and implementing retention strategies.

My Experience

In my over 12 years in healthcare, I’ve worked in healthcare administration, HR management and recruitment. I’ve worked for the National Health Service (NHS) and private healthcare providers (Circle Health Group, Nuffield). My experience in the healthcare industry has helped me deeply understand the challenges facing healthcare organisations and pinpoint the relevant skills required to excel in various emerging roles.

My Projects

My projects aim at improving recruitment processes and HR strategies in the healthcare sector. I’ve developed targeted recruitment campaigns for hard-to-fill roles and implemented innovative candidate-sourcing strategies, such as social media recruiting and referral programmes. My clever initiatives improve the onboarding process and help retain top talent in the healthcare sector.

My Publications


In healthcare, there’s no place for being second best. So, implementing and managing quality healthcare recruitment strategies is challenging. My specialised expertise in recruitment and talent acquisition for healthcare and a deep understanding of the healthcare sector have benefitted my clients, making me an asset to any healthcare organisation. If you need a recruitment manager who can help you identify, retain and attract the best talent in healthcare, I might be your go-to guy.