CV for Part-Time Job: Get a Detailed Idea

The CV for part-time job is generally no different from any other resume. However, knowing the essential factors needed for a part-time CV puts you in a good position while searching for work. If you are going through this article, it means you are willing to learn some tips on writing a part-time CV. Don’t worry. This blog will share tips besides sharing the best part-time job cv example. This post will also let you know the need for a CV to get part-time jobs. So, let’s start.

Why do you need a CV for part-time job?

Why do you need a CV for part-time job

A CV for part-time jobs is one that emphasizes the fact that you’re solely looking for flexible work. Employer criteria for candidates and whether the position is full- or part-time are typically included in job postings. 

As a result, it’s essential to review and update your CV before applying for part-time jobs to ensure that it matches the position profile and job description. The CV and cover letter also help recruiters to find the best candidates for part-time jobs by looking at their education and other relevant data, such as all the job skills that they acquired in their college days. Also, get an idea about the CV writing services here.

Now that you know the need for a CV for a part-time job, you might be thinking of the way to compose it, isn’t it? Don’t worry. We will look into it. But first, let’s look at the example of CV for part-time job in the UK to get an idea practically.

Looking for a part time jobs?

Example of a CV for part-time job

Example of a CV for part-time job

Finding a part-time job requires a strong CV, regardless of whether you’re seeking a position that will fit alongside your studies or you want to get back into a job after a long break. If you are a student, you must put your expected graduation date in the CV beside your personal statement. Also, you need to add the details of your previous jobs in the bullet points. Meanwhile, follow here to learn about the cover letter writing service. To get a quick idea, let’s look at a few CV examples here:

**Disclaimer: The model is being used as an example and may need further formatting to fit with industry requirements as per the job ad.

Email id
Contact no

Career Objective
I am looking for meaningful and challenging part-time work that will use my present abilities and maybe, teach me some new customer service skills in the part-time positions.

Career Summary

Digital marketer (part-time)
Company name— XYZ
Job role
Implementing a marketing campaign under high stress.
Managing all phases of planning and execution.
Establishing a connection with key stakeholders to guarantee that all of their demands are addressed.

Receptionist (part-time)
Company name— XYZ
Job role
Putting my excellent interpersonal skills to use for wealthy clientele.
Handling phone calls and emails, making sure that questions were answered quickly and effectively.
Analyzing clients’ needs and following bullet point to find prospects for sales.

Skills section acquired—-
Strong sales skills.
Interpersonal capabilities
Customer support.


The University of Portsmouth
BA in Business Management 2021–June 2024 (expected graduation date).

London Sixth Form College
A-Levels: Religious Studies, Media, Business.
GCSEs: Maths and English.

Courses for Certification
Diploma from the XXXX Institute’s typing course.
CCA with X Grade from XXXX Institute in the year XXXX.

Delivering first-rate customer service and promptly resolving difficulties
Win the prize for “Best Customer Service.”

Hobbies and passions
I like a wide range of sports, including karate and track running.
I was involved in charitable work and have spent the last five years volunteering with the Red Cross.’

Personal Details
Date of birth – mm/dd/yyyy
Languages Known –
Address –

Disclaimer: Note the job requirements in the job advert and ensure you choose to experience and skills from your own list that match as closely as possible.

So, I hope the mentioned example of a part-time cv will help you understand the format and write CV correctly, isn’t it? Many university student often wonders if your part-time employment history needs to mention how many hours you work daily. Here, they should know that it is not mandatory as your employment tenure with that firm is enough. Also, some of your queries are— “is it necessary to add the education section to your part-time job resume?” Yes, it is necessary. It tells employers what degrees you have earned. So, if you still want to look at some more examples, follow the below templates. Also, to know the cv references example.

How to write a part-time jobs CV?

How to write a part-time jobs CV?

The overall format for a part-time CV is the same as any other kind of CV. But as said, there are several factors to take into account, such as your availability and the number of hours you can devote each week. To make sure your part-time CV is appropriate for your needs, follow these steps:

Add a CV headline / Career Objective

Just below your contact information, at the top of your CV, is a CV headline. Your profile is summarised in the CV headline, which lets hiring managers and recruiters know right away that you are the right person for the position.

Include a cover letter

How to use cover letter for part time jobs

Include a one-page cover letter and your part-time CV together to maximize the effectiveness of your application. While a cover letter enables recruiters to learn more about you, a shorter CV concentrates on the needs of part-time roles in the job application.

Mention your working experience

You will list every job you have ever completed in this section. Job roles must also be mentioned. It’s crucial to highlight any successes or accomplishments you have while doing the job rather than just mentioning a list of daily duties as part-time workers. Your CV being one documents required for Certificate of Sponsorship UK, you cannot overlook it.Meanwhile, if you want to know about the CV education section,


Covering your education is crucial for some positions, just like your employment background. Include all information up to GCSE and post-degree level, and place the most current qualifications first. You won’t need to go into depth because presenting your accomplishments in terms of qualifications and overall grades is usually sufficient for a recruiter’s attention.

Summarize your skills and achievements

Summarize your skills and achievements

List any significant skills and achievements for your educational and professional experience areas. It distinguishes you from other candidates and demonstrates to hiring managers how you can provide value to the company. Always review your resume and adjust your achievements and skills to the position you’re looking for.

Interests & Hobbies

Unlike what many people think, most companies don’t require this component. However, if they’re exceptionally distinctive, well-written, or significant to the position, hobbies might be a great way to stand out from the competition on your resume.

There is competition for any part-time positions you apply for, and many other CVs will be reviewed alongside yours. The above tips will thus help you correctly construct a part-time CV. It is even more crucial that you have clarity in your structure and format, given the competition and the fact that you’re seeking a part-time job.

You will always be applicants for each part-time work you may be interested in. Furthermore, even if you are employed part-time, you may still need to take shortcuts and hope to be hired. Just as if you were applying for a full-time job.

You will always be just one in a sea of thousands of applicants for each part-time job. Additionally, even though you are working part-time, you can still take shortcuts and still hope to land a job. Just as though you were applying for a permanent position.

What tips to follow to maintain a suitable format in the part-time CV?

When writing a CV, abide by these basic formatting guidelines:

  • Make sure all of your personal information is accurate. Always ensure your CV is factual and precise, from location to date.
  • Include a chronology in your writing. This ensures that your CV is presented attractively, beginning with your most recent professional experiences.
  • Select a suitable font. Select a basic typeface that is widely used, such as— Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc.
  • Make a list of your job history or skill set in the form of bullet points.
  • Make any data that you feel is pertinent to the application bold to draw the reader’s attention.
  • To avoid your resume layout seeming like a dorm room when opened, save your part-time resume as a PDF.

Final words

These are the essential components of a strong part-time resume. An employer can save or reject a CV in about seven seconds. It implies that developing a concise CV is vitally essential if you want to get that important interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What common CV mistakes are there?

  • Spelling errors and poor grammar are the most frequent faults in resumes.
  • Your otherwise excellent CV might overshadow a lack of attention to detail.
  • Concentrating on tasks rather than accomplishments.
  • Using cliches.
  • False information.

2. What is the part-time job description?

Part-time work often has fewer hours per week than a full-time position. They put in shift labour. Rotational shifts are standard. Employees are considered part-timers when they regularly put in less than 30 hours weekly.

3. How many pages should a CV have?

A CV should typically be between two and three pages long. Employers do not have clear guidelines about a CV’s length, but keeping it between two and three pages long can make it easier for the hiring manager to understand your experience with the job they are searching for.

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