Cover Letter for a Receptionist

A strong cover letter must demonstrate your key skills, experience, and achievements.  Yourletter should be worth the time of the recruiter. It must catch the hiring managers’ attention instantly and compel them to take a closer look.

The new-age cover letter does not follow the principle “the longer the better.” You do not have to write a long cover letter detailing everything about you. 

Remember, a hiring manager’s desk is flooded with applications and they are in hurry to fill the open position of a receptionist. You must value the time of the recruiters and help them shortlist you for the position. 

Your cover letter should not be a long saga of you. Instead, it should be concise and succinct. You should be straight to the point from the word go. The new cover letter rule is “the shorter the better, but it should be packed will all relevant information and with a “pow.”

Before moving to receptionist cover letter examples, let’s understand the steps to compose a killer cover letter for the receptionist position.

How To Write A Receptionist Cover Letter?

receptionist cover letter example

An eloquent cover letter creates a lasting impression on the hiring manager’s mind and advances you to getting the receptionist job. It helps you glide to the next rounds.

If you are applying for the receptionist role, take some time to summarise your key skills in the first 2-3 sentences. A persuasive cover letter smoothly introduces you to the hiring manager to consider your candidature as a perfect fit for the position.

Writing a front desk receptionist cover letter becomes difficult only if you are unsure how to summarise your skills. You may get confused. You may end up with irrelevant things and not impress the hiring manager. First, make a scratch of the key skills you want to highlight in the first 2-3 sentences (in the first paragraph after greetings) in a point-wise manner.

Ensure the points you highlight come across as humble and natural sounding and must sound like blowing your trumpets.

Below are the steps for writing an effective receptionist cover letter:

1. Understand The Job Description

Understanding the job instructions is critical before composing the cover letter. It should not appear to the hiring manager as if you do not know what you are applying for, In such cases, do not submit a cover letter because it will spoil your chance to make a mark.

A well-written, well-composed, and well-drafted letter helps you present a strong candidature for the position. You must remember the job description, skills required, and additional important factors while drafting the cover letter.

It’s always beneficial if you have a basic idea about the company, receptionist duties, and the company culture, if possible. The requirements for a receptionist position may vary depending on the company, its field, and its business. 

2. Select Proper Formatting

The receptionist’s cover letter formatting is like any other letter

In the letter header, you start with your name at the top left of the letter, followed by your personal information and the current date, followed by the hiring manager’s name, and the company address you are applying.

Cover letter header format:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Personal/Office address
  • Email
  • Phone number

For example:

Your details:

Karen Smith

Victoria, TX 77990



May 21, 2022

Hiring Manager’s details:

Jack Miser

IVY Corp

7512 Myles Standish Blvd. Taunton, MA 02780


Then start writing the cover letter subject line. 

A clear subject line for an email cover letter is important and can make a favorable impression, like this:

“[Your Name]_[Job title]”

For example, Karen Smith_Receptionist

Typical receptionist cover letters include an opening, body paragraphs, and a concluding section.

The opening section or first paragraph explains your intention, while the body paragraphs explain more about you. That includes your skills and professional attitude.

Similarly, the final section offers you close the cover letter with a positive attitude towards the front desk receptionist role. Once you understand the proper formatting, you are ready to write a receptionist cover letter with or no experience.

3. Compose An Attractive Opening

Writing an effective cover letter opening catches the hiring manager’s eyes instantly. That compels them to go through the entire profile. Many recruiters decide whether to read the second paragraph of the receptionist’s cover letter based on the opening section.

Consider the few points given below while writing the receptionist cover letters. 

Recruiters scan numerous cover letters and don’t have time to go through every desk receptionist’s cover letter.

That’s why make your letter short, and precise, and mention skills appropriately. The points are given below to help you write the receptionist cover letter:

  • Introduce yourself and make sure for which job title you are applying.
  • Briefly explain your work history and strong organisational skills.
  • Explain why you are interested in the particular receptionist job opening.  

4. Explain Your Professional Experience & Achievements

A good opening section makes the perfect route for the second paragraph, which helps the hiring managers glide to the next to know more about you. You can highlight your communication skills, people management skills, time management skills, pointed professional experience, and achievements.

You can also describe briefly your learning attitude for the entry-level position. Demonstrating your knowledge, problem-solving skills, & communication skills for the front desk receptionist make this section more effective.

Let’s say you have experience in a medical receptionist position. Provide examples of situations where your timely communication completed a certain task, but not more than 1-2 sentences.

You can also explain the computer knowledge in Microsoft office and other software. However, don’t make your receptionist cover letter too long; make it pointer-oriented. You can divide this section into 2-3 sentences.

5. Demonstrate Genuine Interest For The Reception Position

The hiring manager always prefers candidates who show genuine interest in the job posting. And it is true with reception job listings. Compose a concluding paragraph to demonstrate your communication skills and problem-solving attitude to provide quick solutions.

That makes you the perfect fit for the recent position. Also, demonstrate your positive attitude towards the company and the role for the posting to impress the hiring manager. 

6. Proofread Your Cover Letter

Typos and grammatical mistakes can ruin even the best-written receptionist cover letter. It is a spoilsport. No matter how well you crafted your desk receptionist cover letter, silly mistakes reveal your lack of detail as a skilled receptionist.

Proofread your receptionist letter sample for such mistakes. You can even take the help of writing assistant apps and automated systems. That will help you to compose a perfect job application letter for a receptionist.

You can even contact our specialist cover letter writers. They will help you compose the receptionist letter to satisfy every client satisfaction metric. We offer a quality CV & Cover Letter Writing Service.   

Why It’s Important To Compose a Good Cover Letter?

receptionist cover letter uk

According to the job listing, good receptionist cover letters help recruiters know you are the perfect fit for the position.

An effective receptionist cover letter UK in greater detail highlights your problem-solving skills, education, experience (if any), and achievements.  

A good letter shows your commitment and ability to perform the role. That includes perfect communication, efficient management of multiple phone calls, connecting calls appropriately, and offering the best solutions to the guests. That provides future employers favourable insights into your abilities on how you can contribute to their company.

Writing an impeccable cover letter and attaching a flawless resume demonstrates your writing and communication skills. That helps you get the senior position as a receptionist.

Include keywords in your letter to improve your visibility. Modern hiring managers use automated software. It helps them to implement ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for the specified job description.

Let’s understand these when you review the receptionist letter examples below. 

Receptionist Cover Letter Example

 Dear Hiring Manager,

Company Name

I am an experienced receptionist with over six years of experience. I am excited to apply for the post in your company. I have followed your company for quite a while and have always wished to work in a vibrant and healthy environment. I assure you to offer you timely communication with the customers pleasantly and professionally. 

In my current role in the ABC agency, I manage the front desk of the advertising agency with around seventy team members. I was a bridge between the core team and clients who required better marketing solutions. My suggestion helped the company to reduce management waste amazingly.

I am confident your company will find my experience useful. Hence, I believe in meeting the criteria provided in the job description. As a skilled receptionist, I ensure smooth administration processes and help you maintain pleasing relationships with the clients.   

The culture of your organisation has always amazed me. Being part of your team, I would like to assist this team and aim for a fantastic career opportunity for me that provides a valuable addition to your company.

I would love to discuss improving customer service while maintaining the perfect client satisfaction metrics. I would also like to thank your efforts in allocating time to review my job application.


Your Name

Handwritten Signature

Your Email

Also, go through the Corporate Receptionist CV Example and Hotel Receptionist CV Example.

 We hope you liked the tips above about composing a cover letter for a receptionist. You have also seen the sample cover letter. Contact our expert CV writers if you need professional cover letter writing help. We offer the most affordable and quality CV Writing Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need a cover letter for a receptionist job?

Composing a receptionist cover letter is the first step in your job search journey. While writing a letter, ensure to read the job description carefully. So that you compose a perfect letter for yourself.

2. What are the 3 main things needed in a cover letter?

The three important things for any cover letter are the opening paragraph, middle section, and concluding paragraph. The middle section can have 1-2 paragraphs. Also, mention your name, and address at the top left corner of the page.

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