Social Worker CV Example

If you are looking to make a positive difference and contribution in the community and enjoy liaising and working with families then becoming a social worker

could be a good career choice. An example CV is below for you to use as a guide:

CV Example: Social Worker&lt

Name Surname
Mobile No/Email


I am a very kind and caring person by nature and I believe that this helps me to be successful in my chosen career as a Social Worker.

I am very organized and pay great attention to detail. I am an excellent communicator and I believe that I build up relationships well with a variety of different people from different backgrounds and am able to keep detailed records which is essential for this role.

I am very flexible and motivated and I am keen to learn everything I can to ensure that I am successful in my career. I am confidential by nature and ensure that I work to very strict guidelines. I am able to travel as part of my role and want to be as flexible as I can to ensure that my areas performs well.


Date to Date or To Date – Social Worker – Where?

In my role as a Social Worker, I work closely with parents and children in sometimes very uncertain situations. My day to day responsibilities include:

  • Assessing and reviewing a client’s situation by visiting and reading through any reports, correspondence etc
  • ensuring that I provide protection to adults and/or children from harm etc
  • Relationship building with service users and their families
  • Responding to requests for help
  • Agreeing what practical support someone needs (or making decisions for them when necessary, such as in child protection cases)
  • Offering information, counselling and advocacy services
  • Organising and managing support plans that have been put in place
  • Taking part in team meetings and case conferences, attending family supervision meetings
  • Keeping accurate and detailed records and written reports
  • Giving evidence/acting as a witness at court hearings as necessary


Degree in Social Work – name of Uni, course details, result etc


Computer skills – MS Office, Excel??? – Think about the records you will be keeping and how this will be done, using a computer and/or manually. You must create an excellent CV and take reference from our support worker CV examples to figure out what to include.

Any specific training related to a career in social work?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request.

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