Service Engineer CV Example

Service Engineer – Building: The role of a Building Services Engineer is to take care of the design, installation and maintenance of services that allow a building to do what it’s designed to do. Services include, healthy and safety, lighting, lifts and escalators, power and supply, heating and security. Today there is more and more focus on sustainability, environmentally friendly policies, renewable energies and regulations reducing carbon emissions. Also, you can follow here to discover the electrician’s CV.

Service Engineer CV Example

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Personal Profile

A highly proficient and competent building service engineer with 8 years of industry experience. A very talented professional with a genuine concern for sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly policies. A dedicated and hard working hands-on manager with in-depth mechanical and electrical knowledge and experience.

But, before becoming a manager, you must learn being a trainee. It is very important to get into the apprentice program. But, to get an entry there you must have a look at the apprentice cv example.

Employment History

Company Name: XXX Date to Date (or To Date) Building Service Engineer

Responsible for the management, performance and efficient running of the building services including lighting, heating, ventilation, lifts and escalators, acoustics, plumbing, power supply and energy systems, the security and safety systems.

  • Responsible for negotiating contracts with suppliers and service providers (structural engineers, builders, architects, surveyors, electricians and plumbers etc.)
  • Working with complex and detailed diagrams, plans, blueprints and drawings
  • Overseeing, monitoring, assessing and recording the work of contractors
  • Using and developing BIM (Business Information Model) in order to coordinate systems during projects
  • Ensuring that all design, development and maintenance of building systems meet legislation and the latest health and safety regulations
  • Accountable for security and safety systems and contractors
  • Responsible for the fire detectors and protection systems
  • Responsible for the air conditioning and refrigeration systems


School Name: GCSEs or equivalent: Maths, English Language & Literature, Science, Physical Education and Design & Technology.
College Name: A Level’s: Maths, Statistics and Electronics
University Name: Degree or HND Engineering or Mechanical or Electrical Engineering accredited MEng, combined with CIBSE membership, followed by a period of initial personal development if you wish to achieve chartered status.

Key Skills

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Knowledge and Experience
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Advanced numerical skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent people management skills
  • Ability to project manage and utilise resources (people, budgets, material and time)
  • Proficient IT skills including industry specific systems and software programmes

service engineer cv example

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