Apprentice CV Example-Follow the Tips and create an Excellent CV

Are you looking for a CV for apprenticeship examples? Your resume must persuade the best companies if you want an internship. Getting paid for your work while learning key skills from skilled veterans is a great way to begin a career. 

Let’s delve deeper into the nitty gritty of apprenticeship applications and apprenticeship CVs.

We will also mention the apprentice CV tips with examples to help you take the first step for new “a levels” of your career.

Apprenticeship CV examples are a good starting point for creating your apprentice CV to showcase your skills and stand at an advantage over other candidates.

Apprenticeship and Its Significance

Apprenticeship and Its Significance

An apprenticeship is a chance to work closely with an expert in any field, such as serving food in a restaurant, watching experts at work, and implementing key skills.

Apprenticeship is your gateway to the production area, receiving and learning from instruction and deploying new skills to perform the job. 

There are several benefits to choosing an apprenticeship, in some places called internship. Gaining basic and advanced skills with hands-on experience under one roof can be an excellent option for an apprentice. 

However, to find a job after an apprenticeship, you need a killer apprenticeship CV. Hence, you would need CV writing services to help you.

We have Compiled a Few Apprenticeships CV Examples Below to Give You an Idea of Apprenticeship CV Template Formats

Add Work Ethics to Your Personal Statement

You can choose a workplace that helps you learn work ethic while earning money. It may be a great way to begin your professional career or a career change. Later, you can use it as expertise to add to your professional CV’s education section or apprenticeship personal statement. When considering documents required for Certificate of Sponsorship UK, you can use your CV as a great launchpad.

We will go over how to write a strong apprenticeship CV later to impress recruiters with the cover letter at the end of this blog.

Now that you know the significance of an apprenticeship CV, we will help you secure a placement by writing great apprenticeship applications accompanied by a professional CV to grab the employer’s attention.

Let’s look at the apprenticeship CV example in subsequent sections.

Basic Structure of a CV for an Apprenticeship

You will start your Apprenticeship CV by mentioning the following:

  • Name-
  • Address-
  • Contact details-

If you are a school leaver hoping to apply for an apprenticeship job, it is time to learn how to write an excellent apprenticeship CV template for an internship.

You must highlight all the leadership skills you gained in on-the-job training to impress the potential employer.

Ensure your CV layout also highlights your distinct expertise and practical skills as a professional. 

For example, if you think playing football has nothing to do with your apprentice job, think again. In the CV, you can mention that you are part of a local football team to show your team association.

We hope the above examples help you understand the outline you should follow while writing an apprenticeship CV. 

How to Write a CV for an Apprenticeship?

Write a CV for an Apprenticeship

Improve Your Chances with a Perfect Apprentice CV

You can improve your chances of getting an interview by creating a professional apprenticeship resume. 

  • Read the job description for each apprenticeship
  • Highlight your career objectives, positive character traits, and strengths
  • Mention your ability to learn new skills that benefit the employer,

Even if you are yet to gain professional experience directly related to your chosen field, mention any experience you have. It could include a part time job, school work experience programmes, voluntary work history, etc. Know more about the best UK CV format.

School Leavers’ CV

If you are a school leaver with no experience, add more detail in an apprenticeship CV on extracurricular. It helps the manager decide for you. Most apprenticeships allow school leavers to get a tuition-free degree while working as full-time employees in a firm. So, you can follow the below factors while writing a CV to impress your hiring manager.

Best Resume Format Selection

Professional resumes frequently use a functional, sequential, or mixed style. You may use a chronological resume style if you have a significant proven track record on any job or are changing professions.

When looking for an apprenticeship, highlight your abilities on a functional resume. Discover more about what is person specification in a functional resume.

1. Update Contact Details

Contact information 

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address 

The above should appear in the contact information section at the beginning of your CV.

If these are well-organized and contain all the information, the employer looking for an ideal candidate may find it easier to contact you, which could get you the job.

2. Engaging Apprenticeship Personal Statement Examples

It is one of the most crucial sections of your CV. It must be concise and to the point.

Here, the employer will know who you are, why you are interested in a specific apprenticeship, and your personal and professional goals.

You can list any relevant experience, skills section, or qualifications that could make you stand out.

3. Work Experience section

You may need to gain more job experience to talk about, as you are at an early stage.

You should still mention any job experience, including volunteer or part-time jobs, which may not have any link with your current apprenticeship/internship.

You must make sure that you focus on the transferable skills you gained from these encounters and emphasise how you can use these in the apprentice job.

4. Your Skills as Bullet Points Section

For an internship, skills are crucial to a resume because they show companies where you can readily contribute and where you might need more training.

Try to include the job criteria in the job description and emphasise the skills closely related to your desired apprenticeship.

Present them in bullets so they are easy and quick to read

5. Educational Qualification & Certification

You must add your education section next.

  • Degree/certification (e.g. degree in English literature)
  • Name of your school, college, institute, or university
  • Years you attended
  • Your academic ranking/GPA

Even if you have studied nothing noteworthy or relevant courses, you must elaborate on them in the education section of your apprenticeship CV by mentioning projects, exams, or papers you submitted.

6. Extracurricular Activities

Mention on your resume any additional activities you have undertaken. Even if your interests are unrelated, you can still include a brief note about them. It gives the prospective employer some insight into your character.

We hope the mentioned factors will help you write an Apprenticeship CV. A clean, well-organized CV stands out and convinces a manager about your fitment.

You can do a few other things to make your resume stand out. 

Below, we have summarised the points to remember to meet the most-needed factors for your CV.

Points to Remember for writing an Apprenticeship CV 

If you want to get selected as an apprentice in a company, the following are some additional tips you must consider:

  • Always keep the CV tidy, clean, uncreased, and organised.
  • Try to write your skills in a short but compact way.
  • You must show the employer that you have professionalism throughout your apprentice CV.
  • Research the company before applying. It will help you customise your CV according to the needs of a particular company.
  • Tailor your CV per the profile to make you the right fit for them.  

When you have finished making an apprenticeship CV, double-check that you have included everything essential and relevant. Keep the CV uncluttered. Too much or too little would be a spoiler. 

Refrain from inflating your CV with redundant statements or points, but be bold to talk about what you believe are your best qualities or why you will be the ideal trainee for an employer. Follow these tips to impress your hiring manager and grab an apprenticeship.

You can accompany your CV with a killer cover letter, increasing your chance of being shortlisted. Avail of our cover letter writing service. Your cover letter must be equally good as your CV and well-written.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Compose the Apprentice Skills Section?

Highlight your best strengths and abilities to prepare for the skills section. Soft skills like problem-solving, inventiveness, ingenuity, and an enthusiasm for learning are essential for an apprenticeship job and show your interest in the role.

2. What Must You Write In A CV If You Have No Experience?

Focus on your skills instead of knowledge. If you apply for an apprentice program, you want to gain experience. In such a case, you must open with a personal statement.

Make your educational credentials clear. Also, mention your extracurricular activities.

3. What Are The Some Action Verbs to Include in Your Apprentice Work Experience Section?

Throughout your resume, using powerful action verbs will help the text in the CV stand out and project assurance.

Using action verbs relevant to the business you are applying for also shows that you are knowledgeable about it and have done your study.

Some verbs include Assist, Define, Learn, Conduct, and Compose. You can discover some action verbs in the apprentice CV example.

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