Field Sales Manager CV Example

If you are interested in applying for a Field Sales Manager role and want to update your CV then you will already have some previous sales experience, preferably in the field or in the same
industry sector as the Field Sales Manager role you are looking to apply for. You will need to have a confident personality and not be afraid of rejection as sales is a tough industry to be in. You will work long hours and have to meet targets as well as managing a team or an area and ensuring that they also meet set targets and be prepared to explain why if they do not. Related: Fields Sales Manager Cover Letter If you are looking to update your CV before you apply for a role, please see the below example:

Field Sales Manager CV Example Template

Name Surname Address Mobile No/Email PERSONAL PROFILE I am an outgoing and confident person who feels that his/her communication skills are second to none. I like to deal with everyone in a manner which I would like to be dealt with and feel that this is important in a sales role. I enjoy working to and meeting my targets and like the challenge of exceeding these targets at all costs. I am happy travelling up and down the country and have no restrictions on my time. I am self motivated and have excellent time management skills. I like to ensure that I learn everything I can about the products/services that I am selling and like to better my skills at every opportunity. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Date to Date or To Date – Field Sales Manager – Where? In my role as Field Sales Manager, I manage a team of sales professionals managing targets and staff and running this area daily. My day to day responsibilities include:
  • Team meetings and briefings to discuss the week ahead and events
  • Training to ensure the team know about any new products or services and how to sell these effectively
  • Meeting and setting team targets
  • Travelling and meeting appointments
  • One to one meetings with staff
  • Interviewing new staff as required
  • General paperwork and logs to keep accurate records
  • Personnel records including sickness and holidays.
QUALIFICATIONS School, College, University – any qualification details and where. SKILLS AND ABILITIES Computer skills – MS Office, Excel, Outlook or any other packages you have used? HOBBIES & INTERESTS What do you like to do outside of work? REFERENCES Available on request. Good luck.

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