School Leaver CV Example

If you are looking to start applying for jobs after finishing school then you will have to demonstrate your interest in that particular sector and highlight the skills that you have got. If you have done some work experience you could use those skills but what you think you are most good at and show why this is the reason for applying for a particular role.

What is your personality like, ensure you show in detail how hard working you are and use words such as dedicated, enthusiastic, determined etc. Explain why you are keen to join the world of work by looking for a job rather than going to college or university.

: School Leaver Cover Letter

If you are looking to make your CV attractive to employers, please see the below example:

School Leaver CV Example


Name Surname
Mobile No/Email


I am a hardworking person who is looking to prove him/herself in (what industry sector or role) and throughout my days at school I have worked very hard to ensure that I have good grades.

I feel that I have got good communication skills and have always done everything I can to improve my communication and other skills. I am IT literate and am used to using a computer every day and feel that I pick up new packages quickly.

I am very enthusiastic and determined and would be a dedicated worker for any business. I am articulate and have a personable manner.


Date to Date or To Date – School Leaver role – Where?

In my role of (XXX), I provide general support to a busy business area. My day to day responsibilities include:

  • Making teas and coffees
  • Ensuring that the work areas are clean and tidy for any visitors
  • Allowing staff and visitors through an entry door system and signing visitors in and out
  • Dealing with the post at the end of the day and franking the mail and passing mail onto the correct departments
  • Running errands including lunches, drinks for meetings etc
  • General typing and other admin duties such as photocopying
  • Learning from different departments and areas to ensure that I gain a well rounded aspect of the business.


School, College, University – any qualification details and where.


Computer skills – MS Office, Excel, Outlook or any other packages you have used?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request.

Good luck.

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