Retail Resignation Letter Example

If you work in the retail industry and you are ready to hand your notice in then you need to examine your contract of employment and look what terms you are under.

You could be remaining within the retail industry or you could be trying something new, whatever the reasons you will need to state these briefly in your letter of resignation.

Look at your terms and note how much notice you need to give, this will depend usually on your length of service and also seniority of position within a company.

If you are ready to write your resignation letter, please see the below letter which you can use as a guide.

Retail Resignation Letter Example


Dear Sir/Madam,


I would like you to accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position of JOB TITLE (department etc).

In accordance with my contract of employment I am resigning from my current role and give you one months notice making my last working date XXXX.

The reason I am resigning from my role is because of (REASON – you could be staying in the same industry but have a promotion or better role, you may want to work with a different retail product etc, keep your reasons very simple and straightforward).

I would be grateful if you could forward my P45 and any outstanding monies to my address as detailed on this letter. I understand that my final monies will also include any outstanding holiday pay that I have not used this calendar year.

Thank you for everything that you have taught me, I am very grateful and feel that I will take what I have learnt with me forward in my career.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this experience and to wish you all the very best for the future.

Best Wishes.

Yours sincerely


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