Medical Administrator CV: Complete Guide With Example, Format and Tips

Summary – Medical administrators often struggle to get high-paid jobs in the UK. One of the reasons for rejection is their needing a suitable CV. Candidates seeking a career as a medical administrator in the UK can now pay attention to our top 5 CV writing tips. This blog has Medical Administrator CV examples for more clarity. We ensure that candidates will be more likely to crack hospital administrator job interviews as they read this expert blog thoroughly.

’One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.’ – Lewis Carol.

The above quote holds for all healthcare professionals striving to make others disease-free. A medical administrator is not an exception. If you want a noble career as a medical administrator, a well-structured Medical Administrator CV will do half the job.

Medical administrators come in the middle level of an organisational hierarchy. They plan, supervise and coordinate several activities in a hospital, clinics, diagnostic centres or any other healthcare setup. 

You can now focus on the administrator CV example, UK, as we discuss below. It is mainly for all the medical administrator job seekers willing to attain a good position and claim one of the best compensations per the industry standard.

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What Does a Healthcare Administrator Do?

A healthcare administrator in the UK manages the operations and staff of healthcare organisations, such as hospitals, clinics and medical practices. Their duties may include:

Financial Management

Healthcare administrators are responsible for budgeting and financial management. It includes revenue and expense management, billing and collections.

Personnel Management

 A medical administrator manages and supervises healthcare staff. The list of personnel includes nurses, doctors and support staff. The main aim is to effectively and efficiently deliver quality patient care.

 The healthcare and well-being benefits in UK companies are very employee-friendly.

Strategic Planning

Medical administrators develop and implement strategies to improve the delivery of healthcare services. The task includes

  • developing new programmes 
  • improving existing services 
  • assessing the needs of patients

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare administrators ensure compliance with laws, regulations and healthcare policies. Regulatory compliance covers conformance to

  • patient privacy laws
  • accreditation requirements 
  • healthcare standards

Quality Improvement

The hospital administrator oversees the quality improvement of the entire organisation—the task deals with developing and implementing organisational policies. Also, the hospital administrator deals with procedures to improve patient safety and satisfaction.

Community Outreach

Healthcare administrators collaborate with community organisations and government agencies. They act as PR and address health issues. In addition, they promote health education and awareness through outreach initiatives.

The above points will be effective while you frame a CV for a medical administrator. If struck, you can take assistance from our CV writing service.

Medical Administrator CV Example UK

Carefully look at each medical administrator CV example UK above for more clarity. 

Tips to Create a Great Hospital Administrator CV

how to create an engaging hospital administrator CV |

How to write a medical administrator CV? What key points are essential to have a professional CV for hospital administration? The following points will make your concept clear. 

1. Select the Right Healthcare Administration CV Format

Get your healthcare administration CV in top shape with these tips!

  • Use the familiar reverse chronological format.
  • Include essential sections like contact information, work experience and education. 
  • Choose a modern template, keep margins at 1″ and use a professional font. 
  • Save as PDF to maintain formatting. Stand out to recruiters with a polished and eye-catching CV.

2. Write an Enticing CV Profile

There are two factors on which the effectiveness of a medical assistant’s CV depends.

CV summary

  • Focus on your healthcare skills and experience as soon as you have 2+ years of experience.
  • You must include 34 selling points relevant to your job summary.

CV objective 

  • You must brainstorm your skills and knowledge.
  • It is where you must write about your accomplishments and why you aspire to build a career in medical administration.

3. Create a Professional Healthcare Administration CV Experience Section

create a professional healthcare administration cv |

To have a professional healthcare administration CV, consider the following points:

  • Start with your current job and then go backwards in a chronological order
  • You must include the job title, location, company and employment duration for each role you’ve handled to date.
  • Use action words at the beginning of the bullet points.
  • Highlight the essential skills to tailor your CV to the relevant job posting.

4. Show Your Degree on Your Healthcare Administrator CV

You must include everything related to your education. It can be your course name, degree, educational qualification start and end dates, etc. Finally, you can spice up your education with more add-ons such as extracurricular activities, coursework sections, projects, etc.

5. Make a positive Impression: Include Healthcare Administration Skills

Make a positive Impression while Applying for the Jobs |

It helps to create a positive impression in front of the interviewer or the HR manager. Thus, you must include soft skills, technical skills, etc. Also, list all all core skills you have as a competent hospital administrator:

  • Patient care
  • Data collection
  • Quality assurance
  • Electronic health records, etc.

Now that you have the tips to create a CV, you need a proper cover letter. For any help, experts at our cover letter writing service are present.

Template of Medical Administrator CV

Here is a CV template for a medical administrator in the UK:

[Full Name]


[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

Professional Summary:

A highly skilled and experienced Medical Administrator with [number of years] years of experience in managing healthcare operations, improving patient care and staff management. Possesses a proven track record in budgeting, personnel management and strategic planning. Adept at liaising with healthcare professionals, stakeholders and regulatory bodies. Seeking a challenging role in a healthcare organisation where I can apply my expertise to drive operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

Professional Experience:

[Job Title]

[Employer Name]

[Employment Dates]

  • Managed and supervised [number of staff] staff members, including medical and support staff, ensuring efficient delivery of patient care
  • Implemented budgeting and financial management policies, resulting in a [percentage increase] increase in revenue and [percentage decrease] reduction in expenses
  • Oversaw quality improvement initiatives, such as implementing policies and procedures to improve patient safety and satisfaction, leading to a [percentage increase] increase in patient satisfaction
  • Conducted regular staff training and development programmes, resulting in improved staff performance and satisfaction
  • Coordinated with healthcare professionals, stakeholders and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and policies

[Job Title]

[Employer Name]

[Employment Dates]

  • Managed and supervised [number of staff] staff members, including medical and support staff, ensuring efficient delivery of patient care
  • Developed and implemented strategies to improve the delivery of healthcare services by developing new programmes and improving existing services
  • Monitored and analysed healthcare trends, patient demographics and market changes to make informed decisions
  • Worked closely with healthcare professionals and stakeholders to improve patient care and satisfaction
  • Ensured compliance with laws, regulations and healthcare policies, such as patient privacy laws, accreditation requirements and healthcare standards

Education and Certifications:

[Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree] in [Field of Study], [University Name], [Graduation Date]

[Certification Name], [Issuing Body], [Date]


  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Quality Improvement
  • Community Outreach
  • Healthcare Operations Management
  • Patient Care

Note: Remember to tailor your CV to the role you are applying for and use keywords and phrases from the relevant job description to show your suitability.

The above template is vital to follow as the UK CV Format is what you are looking at.

Is Your CV Getting Rejected?


Overall, healthcare administrators in the UK play a critical role. They ensure the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services to patients. Thus, the job prospect is relatively high. Candidates seeking this role must have a well-structured medical administrator CV. However, for any assistance, our CV experts can guide you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of hospital administration first came from Father Moulinier. He was associated with the Catholic Hospital Association. The health system management programme was established in 1934 at the University of Chicago.

Writing a CV for a healthcare administrator is complex. However, you must remember the following points:

  • Write a professional summary.
  • Choose the proper CV format.
  • Use action verbs.
  • Focus on education and professional skills.

Some of the administrative skills in a CV are the following:

  • Planning
  • Creating well-framed strategies
  • Skills relating to resolving conflicts
  • Coordinating with several departments

The main task of a hospital administrator is to organise and manage the entire day-to-day activities in a hospital . The hospital administrator also needs to oversee health-related activities, etc.

Leadership and managerial skills are the major strengths of an efficient hospital administrator. Also, a hospital administrator must have the ability to command and earn respect. 

The 5 key responsibilities of a healthcare administrator are the following:

  • Managing the finances of the employer organisation
  • Organising staff training
  • Developing the day-to-day work schedule
  • Improving the overall quality of service
  • Ensuring full compliance with law and regulations

Every hospital or medical organisation needs an administrator to manage the overall operational tasks efficiently. If you have excellent organisational skills, are well-vested in the latest technologies and trends in healthcare administration and are tech-savvy, we will hire you. 

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