Robert Miles

Greetings. I’m Robert Miles, a career coach and CV writing consultant with over a decade of experience in career consultancy. My comprehensive approach to career development focuses on empowering individuals to surpass themselves.

My Qualification

I hold a master's in HRM from the University of London and am a certified (CPRW) professional CV writer. I’ve completed several training programmes in career development (QCD), leadership and people management.

My Expertise

My interest spans career coaching, CV writing and job search strategies. I understand the recruitment process and know what most employers look for in job seekers. My above-average communication guides clients through their job search.

Robert Miles

My Experience

With over ten years of experience in the industry, I’ve helped many achieve their career goals. My clients span industries from finance to healthcare to technology. I tailor my approach to suit each client and take a personal interest in helping them succeed.

My Projects

I’ve been involved in several notable projects. My work has been with large organisations (Adecco, Huntress Group) to develop recruitment strategies and deliver training programmes to HR professionals on best recruitment practices. My authorship covers career development (Employability: Dimensions and Applications) and CV writing, published in industry publications (Journal of Vocational Behaviour).

My Publications


My career coaching and CV writing consultancy help individuals craft rewarding careers. A holistic approach to career development makes me a reliable resource for anyone looking to fortify their careers.