IT Support Analyst Cover Letter Example

As an IT Support Analyst you will be providing support to the business area but also providing technical assistance to various projects throughout the business.

You will need to be an experienced IT professional with many years of IT professional experience. You need to be able to provide 1st and 2nd Line support and you will also need a wide knowledge base of systems, database administration etc.

Starting salaries for IT Support Analysts are between £21,000 and £28,000 a year, and experienced analysts can earn up to £35,000 a year.

If you have found a job you want to apply for, please see the below covering letter which you can use as a guide.

IT Support Analyst Cover Letter

IT Support Analyst Cover Letter Example

Mr. A. Employee
1, My House
Any Street
This Town
PO57 3DE

1st January 2015

Mrs. A. Manager
IT Company
Employment Street
That Town
PO57 3DE

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application for the role of IT Support Analyst

I would like to apply for the role of IT Support Analyst which I have seen advertised in (where) and (when).

I have (how many?) years experience in the IT industry providing support to internal colleagues and end users. In my previous role we also provided support for external companies who had various outlets and various problems which required support.

I am an excellent communicator and feel that I am able to explain technical problems carefully to non technical users.

I have had experience of working with senior management and Directors on very important projects and feel that I can run a project well.

I work well in a busy team environment and also on my own initiative. I like to keep up to date with the ever changing technology and IT world and feel that this is an important part to my role.

I have key skills in (if true) SQL, Windows 7 and (what other skills do you have relevant of the job application?).

I have enclosed my CV which details my experiences, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer anything you wish you know.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and CV and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


Good luck with writing your covering letter.

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