HR Analyst CV Example

If you are looking at how best to update your CV if you are looking to apply for a HR Analyst role then it is important to assess the balance of your skills between your analytical skills and your HR skills.
An employer will be looking to see what qualifications you have in an analytical way and also what work experience you have relevant to HR.

If you are looking to update your CV, please see the below example which you can use as a guide.

HR Analyst Cover Letter

HR Analyst CV Example

Name Surname
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I am an organized and thorough analyst and HR professional. I like to look into the facts and figures and demonstrate what these mean and what they are related to from a business perspective to ensure that I help the management team make the best decisions for the success of the business.

I am thorough and organized and extremely efficient. I am self motivated and enthusiastic and enjoy working in a mix of analysis work and HR work which is a good combination as my career choice.

I have excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills and have a very accurate mind and way of working. I am able to work on projects and assignments as needed in both areas of my work. I like to keep my skills up to date and adapt my ways of working as required to keep up to date and be able to make any changes as I need to to ensure that I perform well for my employer.


Date to Date or To Date – HR Analyst – Where?

In my role as HR Analyst, I provide analysis skills related to our HR department and the HR aspects to the business. My responsibilities include:

  • Analysing KPI’s and devising new figures to work to
  • Looking at recruitment and retention figures and seeing what recruitment works for the business and what does not
  • Providing training on new documents such as KPI’s that Managers need to explain to their staff and follow
  • Look at trends and what could be improved upon or changed to be better for the business


University, College, School – For all include titles/subjects and qualifications.


Computer skills – MS Office, Excel??? Any HR qualifications or courses that would be beneficial to the company, time management etc.
Training courses that you have been on yourself.


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request.

HR Analyst CV Example

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