How Do You Write a 500 Word Supporting Letter?

Does your job application require a supporting letter with your CV?

Is writing a supporting statement hard? Because many recruiters first read the supporting information before they get to your CV. So, it is the best way to convince them about your abilities.

What does a Supporting Statement Mean?

A supporting statement is a platform to speak directly with the employer. It talks about your suitability and fitment for the role and the job. It includes attributes, skills, expertise, and experience. Recruiters use this part in cover letters to shortlist candidates for interviews.
You must submit a supporting letter with your CV to several companies and online job portals. You should write it mindfully and include all crucial information to convince the recruiters. Hence, a supporting statement carries the candidate’s first impression.


How do You Write an Excellent Supporting Comment?

How do You Write an Excellent Supporting Comment?

Writing a persuasive supporting statement is simple. Outline all the crucial factors you must include in your supporting letter before you compose. The following points will help you plan your letter of support. 

Echo the Job descriptions & specifications

Use the keywords in your statement that the recruiter used in job advertisements. 

For example, if they have written “software developer” as the job role. 

Write the same term and do not change it with “programmer” or other similar words.

Mention your skill and how you will perform the job role. 

If you are looking for a teaching job, mention the relevant skill you have with your qualifications.

Also, point out when and where you have employed the skills. A brief of your professional or vocational experiences will help recruiters gauge your suitability for that job. 

Mention Specifications about You

Call it the best foot forward. Point out why you want the job and why they consider you the best fit. Competition for decent jobs is increasing day by day. You must put your application ahead of the other interviewees.

For example, for a copywriting position, clearly mention how passionate you are about writing and creativity. It will give your application more value, and the chance of selection will improve. Refer to professional CV writing services for more examples.

Follow the Standard Paragraph Length

Whether you are writing a supporting statement in a job application or a cover letter, maintain the expected length of the paragraph. Check the supporting statement example to make a strong one and get your dream job. You may put 500 words on supporting letters and applications, ‌but keep the section short, concise, crisp, and precise.

Make it brief. Keep four to eight sentences in each paragraph, helping the recruiters to get to the crucial points for selection.

Thoroughly Proofread Before Submission

A tiny error in your application can affect your suitability for the particular job. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and improper formation will question your seriousness and professionalism. Recruiters most likely reject your CV.

Hence, repeatedly proofread your application after you have finished writing. You may take your senior’s help to check for grammatical or spelling mistakes. 

Alternatively, you may contact an expert cover letter writing service to proofread your CV and job application.


  • Provide examples of your experience with the specific job role.
  • Keep it short. Add meaningful subheadings if and where required.
  • Provide accountabilities to the skills and qualifications you mentioned.
  • Mention how suitable you are for the job.


  • Prolonged descriptions. Write about everything you have learned.
  • If you do not have any skill, never make it up.
  • Putting irrelevant information that does not match the industry and job role. 

We hope you now understand how to write a support letter. It is equally essential for professional CV writing. Here, we will discuss the standard formation of a supporting statement. 

How do you Format a Supporting Letter?

Common practice is to use four to eight sentences in your supporting statement. Follow the format, be it writing a supporting letter for British employers or others.

  • Start with sharing your interest in that job.
  • Then describe your relevant qualification and professional experiences. 
  • After that, highlight your achievement to establish why you are the most suitable candidate.
  • Finish with a statement on how you plan to achieve similar success in this job role. 

Review a supporting statement example from online sources for a more practical idea. You can also check out other letter formations, such as how to write a petition letter for work and others.

What is a Supporting Statement Example?

I have been an experienced software developer for three years and applying for employment with iTechArt Group. With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, I am proficient in programming languages, viz—Java, JavaScript, SQL, C#, PHP, and Python. I am eager to contribute to this organisation’s success as the best software development company‌.

Summing it up

Now, you know how to write a 500-word supporting letter. A supporting letter conveys your interest in the organisation and job profile. Also, it carries the first impression of your efficiency to the recruiters. So, take time to plan your supporting statement wisely. Also, check for unintended errors, as that will harm your reputation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you introduce yourself in a supporting statement?

An acceptable way to introduce yourself is to explain why you are applying for the job and why you are the most suitable candidate. Mention the value you will add to the organisation if you are shortlisted. 


A letter of support is a document you used to provide a third-party assurance that your inquiry is credible. This testimony should support both your boasts of achievement and pledges of outcomes.

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