Hotel Job Cover Letter

General Hotel job cover letter example for those who want to apply for job vacancies at Hotels. This letter can also be called a Hotel Staff cover letter.

Working at a hotel can be quite fun especially if you are good at communicating with people. You will be meeting with many people and helping them once you start working in a hotel. There are thousands of hotels across the UK so job opportunities are huge for those who are interested in working in them.

You would work on days, evenings, nights, weekends and on public holidays. Full-time, part-time and temporary positions are always available at hotels.

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Some of the popular hotel jobs are:

Salaries are vary depending on the job title you have and which hotel you are working for.

Cover Letter for Hotel Jobs

Mr. A. Employee
1, My House
Any Street
This Town
PO57 3DE


Mrs. A. Manager
The Hotel
Employment Street
That Town
PO57 3DE

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to you with regards to the recent position for General Hotel Staff that I saw advertised on [job site]

I am currently studying (insert subject) at (insert college/university) and am looking to supplement my income whilst gaining work experience and skills to add to my CV. It is my long term career goal to become a Hotel Manager and I feel this would be an excellent way to gain insight into the workings of such an establishment.

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I have previously worked as a Waiter at XXXXX and really enjoyed the customer interaction as well as working as part of a team. I feel I would bring my enthusiasm and energy to the advertised role, making me a loyal addition to the team.

Please find attached my current CV, which further details my experience along with my skills and qualifications.

I have the skills and experience required to competently take on this role and I am confident that I would work to exceed your expectations.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering my application.

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant Name

We hope that this example letter will be useful for you. This example could be sent to you in different formats such as PDF and Doc so let us know via the form below.

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Good luck.

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