Cover Letter for an IT Field Engineer

IT Field Engineer cover letter example will help you write your own one very easily. All you need to do is amend the letter to suit your experience and then send it to the employers.
Thousands of IT vacancies are available on job sites online just waiting for the right people to apply. If you have the right qualifications then go for it and apply.

Writing a covering letter for an IT job is very important as there is lots of competition. It should not be a copy of your CV but you must mention your most relevant skills and work experience in the letter. Most of the time employers will look at your application letter first so make sure it is worth reading your CV!

Cover Letter for an IT Field Engineer

Mr John Brown
222 Every Road
Any Town

Mrs Jane Smith
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town


Dear Mrs Smith

Application for the post of IT Field Engineer

Having read the advertisement on XYZ website for the above post, I am very keen to apply.

You will see from my CV that I have five years of experience in field technician work and enjoy a variety of challenges and tasks. I am now keen to utilise my skills in a larger and highly successful IT firm that will stretch my capabilities even further. I have developed an exceptional level of technical expertise and am particularly adept at setting up comprehensive networks, analysing and resolving problems and conducting reviews to improve the running of computers, servers and other equipment.

I am a conscientious and reliable individual, with very good time management skills. I have established very positive working relationships with clients and can also efficiently maintain written records and reports for invoicing purposes.

I would really appreciate the chance to discuss my skills and abilities with your company. I am available to attend for interview at any time and can be contacted on (phone number) or (e-mail address).

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

John Brown

Cover Letter for an IT Field Engineer

We hope that this example letter is useful for you and you have already got the job!

Good luck with your job hunting and let us know if we can help any further. This example is also available in PDF and Doc format so let us know if you want them.

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