Biomedical Scientist Cover Letter Example

Use this cover letter example for Biomedical Scientist job applications. Make sure that you have amended this sample as suitable.

Cover Letter Example – Biomedical Scientist

Jane Doe

1 High Street
Small Town

Mrs Brown
Recruitment Manager
The Science Lab Ltd
Big City Business Park
Big City, AB12 3CD

Dear Mrs Brown,

I am writing to enquire about the vacancy for a Biomedical Scientist in your haematology department at The Science Lab ltd, as advertised online. I believe my educational background in biomedical sciences, as well as my additional studies in haematology and oncology make me the perfect match for the role.

As you can see from my CV, I have almost a decade of experience working in a laboratory, first working as a laboratory assistant until I graduated from university and secured my first job as a biomedical scientist. I have done everything involved in both jobs, from maintaining a sterile environment and disposing of hazardous waste, up to analysing biopsies of tumours and staging cancers, making me appreciative of every person in every job within my laboratory team. I am a firm believer in ‘Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ – I love my work and it is a pleasure every day.

If you wish to have a further discussion after reading, or schedule an interview, please contact me at 07770707070. I look forward to meeting you to further discuss employment opportunities with The Science Lab Ltd. Thank you in advance for your time.


Jane Doe

Enclosure: CV

biomedical scientist cover letter

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